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AUDIO: Andrew Bolt on the Stolen Generations

Andrew Bolt launched Keith Windschuttle’s The Fabrication of Aboriginal History: Volume Three: The Stolen Generations 1881 – 2008 at a Quadrant dinner held in Sydney on February 24, 2010.

Speeches by Keith Windschuttle and Andrew Bolt can be listened to by clicking the play buttons on the audio players below.

Keith Windschuttle introduces Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt on the Stolen Generations

“It is an academic scandal”

“How could a university keep employing a Robert Manne, or a Peter Read or a Sally Morgan? I think this is a scandal, an utter scandal.”

“I loved Keith’s first book, this is better.”

“Aboriginals pay with their lives for this myth.” 

“I urge you to read this book and ask yourself, given the consequences of this myth, shouldn’t heads roll?”  

Erratum: Andrew advises that his reference to Mary Crook should have been to Mary Hooker.

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