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Sir Porritt’s Island of Climate Criminals

fasces IVThe Kerguelen islands are horridly cold and windy specks near the Antarctic, populated by a few score of French scientists and several thousand sheep. But to a leading British green group, Forum for the Future, it has enormous potential as an internationally-run penal colony for global warming sceptics.

The Forum’s founder-director is Jonathon Porritt, 67, Eton- and Oxford-bred Chancellor of Keele University,  adviser to Prince Charles, and Green Party activist. [1] The Forum’s fancy for Kerguelen can be found in its 76-page report “Climate Futures – Responses to Climate Change in 2030”, written in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard, a company which should know better. This scenario, one of five, involves the naughty world  delaying the reduction of emissions, for which we must all suffer. The document even conjures a fictional climate criminal and imagines him being deported to Kerguelen in 2028. He is Jean-Claude Bertillon, leader of the No Climate Change Party in Canada, “convicted of denying the existence of climate change”.

The report actually fantasises three  penal colonies which, from the context, must be for for climate criminals. The other two are Britain’s frosty South Georgia[2]  and the South Island of New Zealand. Written in 2008, the document attempts to show how CO2 emissions will wreck the planet within a couple of decades unless civilisation turns away from the sins of consumerism and economic growth. As we are now almost half-way to the 2030 forecast date it is possible to get a handle on how the Forum’s timeline is working out, and perhaps to gain an inkling of any substance to the report’s assertion that our descendants will look back on us with the same disgust we reserve for the slave-owners of yesteryear.

The   authors — and Porritt himself — long for an eco-catastrophe that would eliminate all public doubts about climate doom.  Their manifesto says,

“Because of a chilling lack of confidence in our leaders … our only hope would be for an isolated, serious pre-taste of climate change to happen soon enough for the political and behavioral response to have a useful impact.”

This is probably wishful thinking, as Porritt, founder director of Forum for the Future and chair of the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission, pointed out:

 ‘I have occasionally fantasised about a low mortality-count scenario where a Force Six hurricane takes out Miami, but with plenty of warning so the entire  city is evacuated with zero loss of life. The insurance industry in America would collapse because this could be a $50-60 billion climate-related ‘natural’ disaster. The industry wouldn’t be able to cope with that. There would be knock-on pain throughout the global economy, massive, traumatic dislocation. This would act as enough of an injection of physical reality, coupled with financial consequences for leaders to say: ‘Ok, we’ve got it now. This isn’t just about some nasty effects on poor countries: this is devastating for our entire model of progress.’ The response to that would be a negotiated transition towards a very low-carbon global economy that builds increased prosperity for people in more equitable and sustainable ways.’”

The report says its five scenarios are all possible, based on “a review of the current science” and “input from scores of experts.” In all five scenarios global warming and extreme weather are, of course, far worse and more perilous than even the 2007 IPCC report suggested.[3] Here are some of its prescribed green correctives:

Expensive, state-funded information campaigns reinforce the need for changes to lifestyles and aim to keep the mandate for state intervention strong. Inevitably parallels are drawn between this and the authoritarian state propaganda of the twentieth century.

“‘Climate crime’ is a social faux pas everywhere, but in some countries it is a crime to publicly question the existence of anthropogenic climate change or to propose actions that could in some way contribute to climate change.

“It is very rare to come across dissenting voices with any real power, but resistance to overly strong state intervention is occasionally violent. The media in some countries has been permitted to discuss whether the single focus on resolving climate change means that other equally important or inter-linked issues are being ignored.” (Report’s emphasis, not mine)


“in some countries a licence is now required to have children and these are awarded according to a points system. Climate-friendly behaviour means points…

 “It is not unusual for governments to monitor household energy consumption in real time, with warnings sent to homes that exceed their quotas. For example, citizens could be told to turn off certain appliances such as washing machines or kettles or even have them switched off remotely.”

In 2014 Harvard luminary Naomi Oreskes forecast the extinction of all Australians amid climate woes. The Future Forum is more moderate,  envisaging merely the abandonment of waterless central Australia, a “collapse of Australian agriculture”,  and a “particularly toxic” combination of drought and recession.[4]

In what the Forum authors call “alarming reading”, Australia’s Friends of the Earth climate experts predict the disappearance of Arctic summer ice by 2013, “almost a century earlier than suggested by the IPCC”. The actual 2013 minimum was about five million square kilometres of sea ice, and it was a bit more than that last year.

The authors let slip some of the green’s secret tradecraft, in terms of their projected advances in fostering ever-creeping state control under the smokescreen of controlling emissions:

“In most cases this has happened gradually, ratcheting up over time, with citizens surrendering control of their lives piecemeal rather than all at once, as trading regimes, international law, lifestyles and business have responded to the growing environmental crisis. And so in 2030, greenhouse gas emissions are beginning to decline, but the cost to individual liberty has been great.”

One is hardly surprised to find such a green-minded document citing Cuba as a beacon of hope for quality of life. But also Nicaragua and Bhutan?

There is the distinct possibility that non-western development paths could gain greater credence. At one extreme, the development strategies adopted today by Cuba, Bhutan, Nicaragua or Thailand could be the pioneers of future diversity. Here, new priorities, particularly around ‘quality of life’, have sidelined many aspects of traditional western development models.

Here are some snippets from the scenarios.

2009-18: Global depression and harrowing malnutrition are caused by high oil and commodity prices. In 2017,  “authorities (are) warned to prepare for a ‘suicide epidemic’ in the US caused by the Depression.” [Reality: Dow Jones index now at record levels and oil prices relatively low.]

2018: Reunification of Korea with Pyongyang as the capital. [Great work, Kim Jong-un!]

2020:  The year of no winter in the northern hemisphere.
 [Right now, the US and Europe are blanketed by extreme cold and snowfalls].

2022: Oil hits US$400 a barrel [current price: US$60],[5]  making world trade and air travel prohibitively expensive. The carbon price makes carbon “one of the most important and expensive commodities in the world today”. [In reality the carbon futures price has collapsed to about US$8 a tonne. Labor’s Rudd-Gillard carbon price was about $A23.]

2026: NATO has defined breaking the 2020 Beijing Climate Change Agreement as an attack on all its members, to be defended by military force.

2029: Planned permanent settlement of the Antarctic Peninsula, taking people from climate-stressed countries. Styled as the first true global community, its population is projected to be 3.5 million by 2040.

2030: Waterless Oklahoma has been abandoned. Texas becomes independent [so much for the Civil War of 1861-65].

2030: “The US president launches a re-election campaign with a populist speech entitled ‘What is the Point of the UN?’ after a debate in New York descends into factional chaos.” [Donald Trump last month beat the forecaste by 13 years].

Some predictions in the document are quite good, albeit easy ones. Try these:

2026: Supercomputer Alf-8 correctly predicts general strike in France. [Well, doh!]

2012-30: China is accused of lying and cheating on its emissions pledges.

The document’s part-hidden agenda is propaganda for the lunatic “simplicity movement” in which everyone returns to an idyll of backyard vegetables and disdain for material things, such as cars and toasters. For example, in 2022 “a general retailer in the UK announces that it has sold more wool for home use than manufactured knitwear for the first time in its history.” In other words, won’t it be wonderful when we all have to knit our own clothes.[6] [7]

The  authors also take for another run the failed Club of Rome’s 1972  “Limits to Growth” diagnosis: Prices for raw materials are very high and getting higher, having major impacts on manufacturing processes and the world economy… Proposals have been tabled for commercial mining ventures on the moon… The world is in a deadly race to develop new processes before resources run out completely.”

In a passage  obviously written by academics, the academics become the heroes of the future: “Communications like the ‘world wide internet’ have fragmented. A small group of academics preserve a global network, their dream to ‘re-unite’ the world.”

The report’s best prediction, undoubtedly, is for an upsurge in rent-a-bikes. I counted four of those yellow oBikes on my dog-walking path just this morning.

Tony Thomas’s book of essays, That’s Debatable – 60 Years in Print, is available here


[1] One of his predecessors as Keele Chancellor was Princess Margaret (1962-86).

[2] South Georgia’s national day each September 4 is dedicated to the Patagonian toothfish.

[3] “The scenarios are based on wide research and consultation and a rigorous methodology.”

[4] The 2017 reality: Australia’s winter grain harvest last year was down 40% on 2016, which had smashed records by 30%. World crop production hit a record, thanks partly to higher CO2 levels and mild long-term warming. Wheat production, for example, was at a record 750 million metric tonnes.

[5] In 2008, when the report was written, oil was at US$150 a barrel

[6] I tried knitting during train trips to school at age 14 but my outputs were never successful.

[7] A nest of “simplicity” people currently push the same line at Melbourne University’s Sustainable Society Institute. The green-infested Australian Academy of Science hosted a Fenner conference for zero-growthers in 2014, some of them  advocating 90% cuts to Australia living standards.

* the headline on this article was changed several hours after publication for no better reason than this seemed a better one — rf

42 thoughts on “Sir Porritt’s Island of Climate Criminals

  • en passant says:

    I would have thought that they would have burned all dissenting (error-filled) books by now – including their own. Then again burning produces CO2, that wonderful trace gas that makes trees grow, so better keep them for the toilet.

    “In 2014 Harvard luminary Naomi Oreskes forecast the extinction of all Australians amid climate woes. The Future Forum is more moderate, envisaging merely the abandonment of waterless central Australia, a “collapse of Australian agriculture”, and a “particularly toxic” combination of drought and recession.”
    Well, they got 10% of this right, but like Inspector Clouseau, for all the wrong reasons. The Oz economy is in severe decline, but only because of the universally moronic politically based energy policies of every treasonous major party. I counted a record 36 shops lying empty along a popular shopping strip in Melbourne just after Xmas. However, job creation goes on at a hot pace as I noticed adverts for several climate make-work positions. They do not produce anything, but those nice
    Chinese just keep giving us money in exchange for our country. Does it get any better than that?

    With the traitorous political ‘leaders’ we have, poor fellow, my grand children ….

  • ianl says:

    The quoted comment above on gradual, piecemeal loss of living standards and freedoms is exact. This process is deliberate, confirmed by the quote.

    I have wondered at the muted reaction of most of the Aus populace to the significant, ongoing increases in the cost of electricity combined with the growing unreliability of supply. Why has there not been stronger, more outspoken resistance ?

    Australians have neither the concept of, nor experience in, revolt or revolution. In short, we do not know how to do it … and the political classes, bureaucracies, know we don’t. I’ve seen quite a few incoherent Pollyanna comments on this website showing a state of denial, but never any practical, useful plan apart from migration. Given my view of the now ingrained insipidness of the Aus middle class (they have the most to lose but are the most prone to avoidance of conflict), I have no suggestion either. Unfortunately, I’m now too old to make a fist of migration.

    It’s beyond sadness, it’s an overt demonstration of Freud’s described death wish.

  • Jody says:

    After the most horrendous record-breaking temperatures at our place for the last days (47.1) as well as no rain whatsoever for months I’m convinced that the climate is changing for the worst. This weather is killing everything in our garden and frightens the hell out of me.

    • rodcoles says:

      Apropos Kerguelen, my father was an RANVR engineer, serving in HMAS Australia in 1941, when she visited Kerguelen and the Crozet Islands searching for possible Germain raiders. I believe she laid some mines. I recall him saying that he only saw the place for about 10 seconds, before retreating to the lovely warm boiler room.

    • Keith Kennelly says:

      You Jody are sucked in by the catastrafarians.

      Australia recorded higher temps in the 1930s.

      Climate change must have been really raging then, eh h?
      There was a dry period recently, during which someone claimed Sydney dams would never filla again.

      While we have a few hot days. Think Europe and America. Weeks of record snows in areas where snow has never been recorded.

      A Swiss employee I have went home to Europe for Christmas. He returned yesterday complaining about the cold. He doesn’t think he will ever go back again, in winter.

      Yep climate change is happening.

    • en passant says:

      This has never happened before …?

    • Turtle of WA says:

      It’s not the end of the world, Jody. Most skeptics I meet are far more knowledgable than warmist activists.

    • ianl says:

      No one says climate doesn’t change, Jody. It’s the combination of non-linear, chaotic causitive factors that are the bone of contention. Records have been broken for the last 4.5bn years. It’s only the ill-informed who think there was some golden climate mean sometime in the past.

      I realise this concept has no effect on fear. There have been many episodes like this. 1939 (simple example of many) comes to mind – what was the CO2 atmospheric levels at that time, Jody ? If you claim irrelevancy, as I expect, then you have to nominate the combination of factors in 1939 that caused the same weather. So what measurable effects then will attempting to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels have ?

      Your “feelings” are an example of the issue – easily persuaded of simplistic notions. And I realise you will likely only become more obdurate. Invincible ignorance is easily recognisable and widespread. CO2, the very core of life on earth, is now a condemned witch. Astonishing …

      [This comment is not meant to be rude, it is what always happens when logic and feelings collide. And the majority with their ill-defined fears have already won].

      • Jody says:

        Well sir, I certainly hope you DO have it absolutely right on your side. However, I don’t exhibit that much hubris – especially when it comes to the fate of my children. Better to err on the side of caution if you care about them at all.

    • Gobsmacked of Gippsland says:

      Jody says that, due to some hot Australian summer weather, she is “… convinced that the climate is changing for the worst” and that it “… frightens the hell out of me”.
      There is no time to lose, Jody.
      No time to lose at all.
      You must flee – immediately.
      FLEE, I tell you!
      Heard Island is the place for you.
      And if you flee with acceptable alacrity – you can get there first, buy every bit of spare land available and then make a FORTUNE selling small parcels of it to the laggards who lack your vision, your insight, your radar, your crystal ball to the steamy, sweaty future.
      The future belongs to YOU, Jody.
      Carpe diem.
      And be quick about it.

      • Jody says:

        The burden is actually on YOU to get it right, NOT on the other side – who can afford to be wrong. (Financial costs would be an issue, of course, but not as horrendous as damage to the world.)

  • Doc S says:

    They should have taken a run at Ehrlich & Ehrlich’s catastrophorian tome ‘Earth, Population and Resources’ which also came out in the late 70s and was repeated every few years for a while. It was the Green movement’s bible for a while. As I recall according to E&E we were to run out of oil early in the 2000s – later adjusted to ‘peak oil’ around 2007 – also totally incorrect of course. Club of Rome proved just how difficult it was to predict the future – even if your were really, really smart, a captain of industry etc, etc. All of this seems to inform the Agenda 21 conspiricists that Climate Change and the Green cult etc, is being used by the UN to depopulate the earth. The truth is more pedestrian and the Potsdam Institute’s Prof. Ottmar Edenhofer (world’s leading climate economist apparently) makes no bones about it – climate change is the vehicle for the globalist agenda for the transfer of wealth from the 1st world to the 3rd. He’s backed up by the UNFCCC’s Christina Figueres who wants the IPCC to hurry up and finish its work so this can happen (as per Paris Accord). Yep, climate change is indeed a happening thing…

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Where’s Ian? Is Kody now taking over his role of catastrafarian in chief.

    His departure was caused by the revelation ocean levels are falling.

    The ultimate rebuttal of global warming … yet here and now the QOTI
    Ignores that and claims it’s getting warmer.

    Yep madder and funnier this year already.

  • en passant says:

    Although I doubt it, perhaps General Ian MacDougall has kept his word and allowed his subscription to lapse. I rate that as having a 97% improbability as we are the only friends he has (besides the Archangel Gabriel he says spoke to him – and his methane belching cattle).

    My comment at QoL:

    “Private Ian,
    Is there no limit to the depths to which you will sink in your dark dystopian fantasies?

    Like you, I started as a private, but unlike you I did indeed rise to the rank of Colonel, whereas your talents retained you as a Private. Yes, unlike the squattocracy gentleman farmer, landowner capitalist kulak that you are, I rose from working parents on the bottom rung to the level I achieved through merit (before going on to being CEO of a middle-ranked company and forming my own businesses). No, I did not come from the ‘upper’, or even the ‘middle class’ so once more your defamatory remark that “I would guess that his contempt for any rank below his (former) own would be matched by an obsequiousness and grovelling servility to those ranked superior to him, and to whose number he might hopefully one day add himself.” A cowardly defamation without basis, just as was your comment that I was a racist (despite being married for 43 years to a wonderful Asian lady). How is your own marriage holding up, or are your idiocies too much for any one, two or three wives? Do let us all know (but I know you won’t).

    I wrote in a family biography about my time in Viet Nam in which I said: “I felt no remorse for the enemy dead or wounded, but I felt no hatred either. I admired the infantry soldiers I was with, but it also gave me a very negative view of my fellow armchair warriors who strategized on how to fight the war in the bars of Vung Tau, but never volunteered for field operations.” Sounds like I knew you even then.
    Of course, doing one’s duty, military professionalism and volunteering for field assignments is not something that ‘… as a [semi] trained soldier (2/770508) long out of the Army Reserve Corps’ could comprehend as your service was a mere 90-days – and you were a trained soldier? What a fantasising hero. Yet you feel you have the right to criticise, slander, defame and fabricate lies about others with characters so superior to you (intellectually, educationally and as decent human beings) that it rates you as one of the most despicable trolls I have come across.

    Next time you call me a racist or insult my family, please include your address as it is time to take you more seriously. I treat the Vietnamese with dignity and respect because I like and admire them. I always have. They have already risen from nowhere to become the 20th largest economy in the world while Oz sinks into an economic Green Black Hole by choice.

    Oz is choosing to fail based on the Climate Hoax.

    Here is an extract from another recently published article of mine:
    “The Vietnamese Government has asked me what they can do to encourage me to reopen my company in Viet Nam. By comparison Oz has become a nightmare in which to be an entrepreneur. After my most recent 2-year bureaucratic nightmare I will NEVER! invest in another Australian business again. My answer is the UN one – I am transferring my assets overseas.

    We eat out a lot in Viet Nam. The quality of service can be patchy only because of misunderstandings, but the willingness to help and the cheerful smiles as you are served are genuine and a pleasure to experience. The people are exuberant, positive, confident, ‘unified’, polite and universally pleasant. They believe in their country and its future, something I find has rubbed off on me. I believe in them too and that they will succeed. I am willing to help them do so”.

    As you say “He [en passant] cannot abide Australia. Amongst other issues, acceptance of the science on AGW is too strong for him here … Ah well. Our loss is Vietnam’s gain.”

    Amen to that, but can you tell us the ideal concentration of CO2 and the ideal average global temperature you seek – and what difference the destruction of Oz will make to the world? Of course not, as you have no idea why you despise Australia so much that you want to destroy the Oz economy and culture.

    I note Keith K. has diverted potential profits from productive investment into buying a polluting diesel generator to meet the inevitable blackouts that would destroy his business. Keith, let me know when you want to move here.

    Another extract:
    “Could we live just as well in Australia? Almost, but not quite as the cost of living differential would limit some activities. My electricity bill in Melbourne was $800 for the 2016 winter quarter (and would no doubt have topped $1,000 in 2017). Here it is $180 for the same period, yet we are all-electric and run three air conditioners constantly. At night we light the place up like Luna Park for the ships to navigate by. Did I mention that my cheap electricity is because the Vietnamese built the world’s 11th largest coal-fired power station in Ba Ria so power is cheap and reliable. The Power Station is being extended …” They know what is the right thing to do by their people.

    You cannot be ignored Ian, because you never sleep, never give up, never admit error and never stop commenting to the only captive audience who cannot avoid you. This is why you will break your solemn promise and re-subscribe to Quadrant. You need us as the nearest people to ‘friends’ you will ever have. If only god was as righteous as you.

    You insult, you denigrate, but you never answer any of the key questions put to you. When you are shown to be plain wrong (as per the threat to Oz in 1942-43), or about my alleged racism, or your deficient military knowledge as a semi-trained inexperienced Private soldier, compared to mine, you simply ignore your error, double down and make up an insulting ancestry for me rather than deal with the facts. You are a despicable example of what passes for a human troll. You are immune to mockery, facts or reality, so what value you actually have to society is debateable.

    Begone, thou vile creature of the Dark Side!

    Please adjudicate on the ejaculations of your friend Macdougall: do they constitute being insulting and slanderous or not?

    • Jody says:

      I’ve let my subscription lapse and haven’t been cut off yet. En passant simply needs pharmaceutical intervention.

      • en passant says:

        I will take you at your word and say goodbye. As for pharmaceutical intervention, that means breaking open one of my best bottles of champagne (particularly when it s confirmed the Resident Troll is no more).

        As for your assertions: I have (apparently) lived through geologic aeons covering:
        1. Global Warming – 1945 – 1970
        2. Global Cooling – 1970 – 1990
        3. Global Warming – 1990 – 1997
        4. Climate Change – 1997 – present. when you heatwave is mocked by 53″ of snow in Michigan (breaking the previous record of 44″ set in the 1960’s) and the third Snowmageddon since 2012. Join the dots … Yes, I know, Cold means Ho, War is Peace, and Oz must be sacrificed at the altar of UN globalisation to save the planet … Wake me when the Priests come out with their next scare. Rising seas, anyone?

        • Jody says:

          I say again, you’d better be absolutely right. The health of my grandchildren depends upon it.

          • en passant says:

            1-4 above was not a multiple choice catastrapharian questionnaire, but an example of a fraction of the failed predictions of the past 70 years. Oh, and despite Ehrlich and the Club of Rome (a mandatory text at University in the 1970’s) we are neither short of, nor already out of oil, gas, copper, etc. 200M people are not starving every year, despite the absolute certainty ‘that the battle to feed the planet id already lost …’

            Given that every other negative prediction has failed, why would the next one be true (with a 97% certainty, of course)?

            The MacBot Troll was never able to tell us the destination he sought as the the ideal temperature of Utopia, nor the ideal concentration of CO2. He did not know what he was trying to achieve, but was willing to destroy Oz sovereignty and our economy to get there … Perhaps you know what the answer is?

            Could it be that increased CO2, to say, 2,000ppm (from the current 402ppm) would turn this plant into a lush green paradise?

            Could it be that an average global temperature increase of 2K from the current 288K, to 290K – an tiny increase of 0.694% would benefit the world in general? Are we living in such a fragile world that such changes would be negative and that we do not have the capability of adaptation to meet such a change? But … but …but … there are permanent human settlements in places with summer temperature as high as 330K and with winter temperatures as low as 230K – a 100K range, yet you ask me to fear a +2K change? I don’t buy it as I move to the warmth of the tropics every Australian Autumn, Winter & Spring and only return for to Oz for the Summer. In a couple of more years I will stop doing even that.

            Stop worrying. You grand-children will still be driving oil-fuelled cars, ice will still cover the North Pole in Summer and people will still be fed from genetically modified cereals and laboratory factory cloned meats. This will all be true with 97% certainty, despite the fact that we are again entering a period of global cooling. Trust me …

          • Keith Kennelly says:

            Falling sea levels Jody.

            Pretty simply and fundamental , and the data is supplied by a catastrafrian infiltrated outfit.

  • says:

    Jody, if are as interested in the debate as you appear to have been frightened by just one side of it, there is a wealth of credible counter-argument out there. The only place you will rarely if ever find it is in the place most people look, ie the mainstream media.

    Consider the possible reasons for this. As usual, if not always, consider who stands to gain by the status quo. Cui bono? Follow the money.

    I have several reasons to doubt the veracity of the climate change alarmist position.

    First, I am a country boy from western NSW where I have seen it all before either personally in my neaarly 80 years, or through through older people with experience/farm records dating back to at least the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. Your current “heatwave” is trivial.

    Second, why was the term “global warming” suddenly dropped by the chattering classes in favour or “climate change”? The short but indisputable answer is that they were forced to realise that the world wasn’t warming at anything like the rate forecast by the models on which the alarmism is almost entirely based. Now, if the world is not warming at an unprecedentedly alarming rate, what exactly is the problem that the alarmists and their dupes trying to solve by de-industrialising and bankrupting western societies? Have you considered the possibility that the latter aim is precisely the point, and would it surprise you to learn that this aim has been clearly and unequivocally stated by the UN people behind the IPPC?

    Third, like en passant, I have spent years of my life living in the tropics, four years in PNG and a couple more in Malaysia, with several visits since. Back in the day when I was in the ADF, virtually nobody was competing for jobs in Melbourne or Canberra, but there were constant complaints from people who had been recruited from tropical Australia that they could never get a posting closer to home because all the positions had been filled by southerners who were not fleeing the heat. In the real world, outside academia and the mainstream media, people tend to prefer warmer weather and to thrive in it.

    If you are seriously concerned, you must be motivated to look at both sides, and that link to Joanne Nova’s site is a good place to start.

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    It is wiser to face down fear with knowledge and courage.

    Running around squawking ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling’ on the basis of an unproven irrational fear, based in ancedotal spiels and catastrafarian nonsense, without having actually dispassionately assessed the facts simply shows a great lack of courage and knowledge.

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    Are Ian and Jody are the same people?

    • en passant says:

      Improbable as IanMacD claims to be a methane producing NSW farmer with a direct line to the Archangel Gabriel, whereas Jody appears to be a retired school teacher from the Green-Blackout, penurious anomaly funds-sucker of the pseudo-South Australia state.

      I came back to Melbourne for Xmas. I am off overseas again in 3-weeks for 4-months. It cannot come soon enough as I will be living in a country with great living standards, no barbarians [ethnic or religious], fantastic food, low crime [actually I have seen zero crime in three + years], low taxes, a vibrant economy, wonderfully warm climate – and a government determined to do whatever is necessary to provide for its people.

      Let me know when you want to move your business there …

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    Am seriously considering proposals at the moment.

    Have had a very generously offer from a mid west business to manufacture under licence.
    If settled,
    Then I’ll choose where to live.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Thanks En

    Negotiations are pretty far advanced now. And it looks very much like I’ll be in the US for longish jaunts in the pretty near future. Once things are settled in and I don’t know how long that will take. I’ll be looking to maybe the canals of France(a long term dream) and a lifelong friend has a chalet in Bordeaux so…

    I’m still young at 64. And there are also lots of places I’d like to sail.

    One being quite remote, The Chagos Archipelago, near Diego Garcia.

    Cheers enjoy the crime ridden south

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    I have a blog
    I reply to all comments.

  • Brian H says:

    I suggest Jody concentrate on making sure her grandchildren get a good education, so that they can see through the periodic alarmist notions and sophisticated begging to which they will be exposed.

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