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The Depths of the Climateers’ Deception

thumb on scaleA grandiose United Nations Climate Change conference is to be held in Paris at the end of the month.  It has been extensively billed as the last chance for world leaders to sign up to the massive expenditure supposedly necessary to save the world from the global warming disaster.  A previous effort of this sort in Copenhagen six years ago went horribly wrong, so it is not surprising that the propaganda associated with the lead-up to the Paris conference has been vastly more intrusive and hysterical.  As a consequence, the apparently coherent scientific story behind the politics is beginning to fall apart.

The general public learnt from the Climategate and “hockey-stick” scandals that activist climate scientists are quite willing to cherry-pick and manipulate real world data in support of their efforts to save the world.  The scientists on their part have learnt that they can get away with it.  Their cause is politically correct, and is shaping up well to be the basis for a trillion-dollar industry.  That sort of backing automatically provides plenty of protection.

Mind you, they have to be careful to ensure that any doubtful manipulation of data is buried deep in esoteric science so that other scientists – to say nothing of outsiders  — find it almost impossible to understand exactly what has been done.  In the hothouse of the Paris conference preparation, it seems that the climate-change establishment has not been careful enough.

First, it should be explained that global surface temperature has not risen significantly for the last eighteen-or-so years.  According to theoretical models, it should have been rising strongly and continually as a consequence of human-induced emissions of carbon dioxide.  The problem is that the campaign to sell the concept of dangerous global warming has been so successful that it is now not an option for scientists to admit in so many words that their models are wrong.

So in 2013, with the Paris conference already on the horizon, a frantic search began for some acceptable explanation as to why the world’s temperature has not been behaving as predicted.  Very quickly a number of theories emerged, most of them based on the idea that natural fluctuations are hiding the heat of man-made global warming in the deep ocean.  The beauty of the idea is that it allows for the lost heat to come back to the ocean surface at some future date and bite us all disastrously on the bottom.  It also satisfies the need to be a fairly esoteric notion, thereby difficult to disprove.  The idea that heat is hiding in the ocean depths was accepted very quickly as gospel, and was loudly promoted by the climate-change publicity machine.

Last June, in a major press release, the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) made something of a mistake.  Having constructed new “adjustments” to some of the data on global temperature, it maintained that the 18-year pause is a result of nothing more than an error of data interpretation, and that the temperature has been going up after all.

The problem for activist climate scientists is that these latest NOAA adjustments are far from esoteric.  It took only a few days for scientifically literate critics to spot all sorts of issues with the new analysis.  Not the least was that the newly manipulated data do not agree with satellite measurements confirming existence of “the pause”.   Suffice it to say that the efforts of the climate establishment to keep all this scientific confusion away from the mainstream media have been wondrous to behold.

The political problem is that there is already a suspicion within the general community that past temperature records have been deliberately manipulated over the years so as to tune surface temperature measurements in directions that support the global warming thesis.  The NOAA announcement, coming as it did so soon after bedding down the “hidden heat” idea in the mind of the public, may have confirmed for the man in the street that climate scientists are either guilty of playing too much politics or simply don’t know what they are talking about.  Or both.  The man in the street has a good record of being right about such matters.

Suffice it to say, the chairman of the House Science Committee of the US Congress has publicly asked for NOAA scientists’ internal e-mails and communications on the subject. (see Chairman Lamar Smith’s correspondence here) NOAA has refused to supply them.   This is not a good strategy by a government agency when dealing with Congress.  It tends to upset powerful people.  More to the point, it suggests that the agency really does have something to hide.  The stoush is warming up quite nicely.

Garth Paltridge is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Tasmania, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and a former Chief Research Scientist of the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research.


5 thoughts on “The Depths of the Climateers’ Deception

  • says:

    So what’s the story now? Climate change is a fact but global warming is not? Or only selected parts (i.e. not the whole globe) is warming? Or it is warming and the climate is changing but it is not our fault. Or what? I don’t know what to believe, frankly. Can I believe New Scientist and Scientific American?

    • says:

      Bullockornis, no wonder that you are confused because the language of the debate has been utterly corrupted. In the last million years or so (itself only a minuscule sample of Earth history) our planet has been through several ice ages generally of 100,000 year duration, interspersed with warm interglacial periods generally of 10,000 years duration. So does climate change? of course it does! Change is what climate does best. The planet emerges from ice ages by warming, and thank goodness for that! We came out of a ‘Little Ice Age around 1860 and the planet has gradually warmed since then with 20-year or so hiatus (even cooling) periods late 1940s into the 1960s, and the current hiatus (no warming since 1998). The last major ice age ended some 15,000 years ago and sea levels rose some 120 metres as a result (there was no Bass Strait in the last ice age – the Aboriginals walked to Tasmania) As for causes, I am not aware of any evidence in the entire history of Earth that shows that CO2 has ever been a driver of climate change. I cancelled my subscriptions to both journals 15 years ago over their reporting of this issue.

      • ian.macdougall says:

        “The last major ice age ended some 15,000 years ago and sea levels rose some 120 metres as a result (there was no Bass Strait in the last ice age – the Aboriginals walked to Tasmania)…”
        Thus sea level rise and global warming proceed together, the level of the world’s ocean being the ‘mercury’ in the thermometer of the world. This to my way of thinking is a far more reliable guide to the realities of the situation. No less an authority than Ian Plimer (in his ‘Heaven and Earth’) argued that surface thermometry is inherently unreliable due to distractions such as ‘heat island’ effects.
        The Topex and Jason series of satellite altimetry data says that ocean is rising (at 3.3 +/- 0.4 mm/yr}:
        That to my mind indicates that the planet is warming .

  • mct says:

    What we need is for some kind soul within NOAA who has at least some vestige of propriety to do what the mole at UEA did before Copenhagen… drop a selection of those emails for all the World to see.

    I live in hope.

  • ian.macdougall says:


    “Climategate” was a total ‘sceptic’ beat-up based on nothing. Read all about it at and
    See my post above. No selection of ‘dropped emails’ can stop the world’s ocean rising. Perhaps you ‘live in hope’ that some will.

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