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Climateers in for their COP — Part I

Globe-trotting promoters of the world’s biggest scam meet in Qatar next week. There will be more fear-mongering, hand-wringing, and head-shaking – but no hand-cuffs. Delegates will be allowed to come and go freely without fear of arrest for inciting public alarm for financial gain, their mission impossible.

Changes in nature used to be blamed on gods, demons and witches. Today’s weather worriers, however, attribute them to a new deity – “dangerous anthropogenic climate change” (DACC) – a being allegedly created by greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from the developed world.

When the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) holds its eighteenth annual meeting, a two-week Conference of the Parties (COP18) – which includes the 8th session of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol – at the Doha National Convention Centre, delegates will again “declare war” on DACC with all the moralising fervour of a priestly elite reciting a religious mantra, as they have done for nearly two decades. More alarmist speculation will be rolled out and promoted as “settled science”.

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Remember Yvo de Boer, the UN climate chief during the 2009 Copenhagen COP-15 talks? Now with KPMG, he recently warned that scientists working on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report [due to be published in late 2013 and early 2014] had told him their findings would be shocking: "That report is going to scare the wits out of everyone.” He was “confident” it would create “new political momentum”.

The few not surprised by de Boer’s resignation (effective July 1, 2010) included blogger Umbongo (20th February 2010): “It’s indicative he’s moved to KPMG [as Special Global Advisor, Climate Change and Sustainability]. The AGW/CO2 scam has involved the business sector to an incredibly large extent, so why not? With all that lovely taxpayer money on offer; with artificial markets created purely by legislation rather than need, where traders can create vast yet non-productive "profits" (in a zero- or negative-sum game), the private commercial sector is just as implicated in [carbon] plundering [as the UN].”

Remember COP-17 in Durban a year ago? One journalist described the mood as “very strange, I have to say. It’s a festival, a conference and a workshop all rolled into one. There are diplomats and activists, secretary-generals and European royalty, musicians and dancers, and people dressed as trees. There’s a lot of finger pointing, a lot of finger waving.” Another observer said it resembled a “big alternative lifestyle expo” with “earth mother” vibes. 

There we were told: “Many people here in the developing world are angry. They see the changing climate, the rains coming at different times, the crops failing, and they are absolutely furious.”

They will be angrier still next week; and even keener to get their hands on the proposed UN $100 billion Green Climate Fund. But “don’t call it a fund. It is reparations, reparations for a wrong that’s been done to us by you, the developed world. You made a mess here. You’re going to have to clean it up!’”

 Somewhere in the UN behemoth there are experts on “stable” climate – magicians or eco-shamans who know it secrets – and how to conjure this fantasy realm into existence. Where are you? How will you deliver your atmospheric Garden of Eden, a state of nature that will be eternally just right for the planet’s 7,000 million-plus inhabitants? How will you guarantee rain will always come everywhere exactly on time; that crops everywhere never fail, that climate change will be forever optimum and beneficial for everyone?

As for climate reparations , this core – and impressively vague – UN concept is based on the harm assumed to be caused by past anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. The lives of the “climate vulnerable” will be improved through direct programs, policies and mechanisms. It naturally will involve “significant resource [money] transfers” to ensure the vulnerable can “cope adequately with future climate challenges”; presumably decreed by these magicians.

The UN climate bureaucracy – expanding at an even faster rate than GHG emissions – will ensure the biggest Magic Pudding ever created by the political classes is sliced up fairly – and, bien sur, free from corruption.

Not surprisingly, the developing world continues to push this dubious quest very hard: ‘We want the money for adaptation, for living with climate change. We have to live with it because you failed to stop it.’”

“No deep [AGHG emissions] cut now means mass carbon genocide in the least developed countries, and the possible extinction of small island states,” warned Equity BD Bangladesh’s Rezual Karim Chowdhury in early September this year.

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