Doomed Planet

Government will fix weather

Letter from a Labor parliamentarian to his electors:

Parliament of Australia
1 August 2011

To The Householder

Australians have been asking the Federal Government to do something about climate change because of the unstable weather we have been experiencing.

Just think, in the last decade we have had fires, drought, flood and extreme temperatures signalling the world is out of balance.

Why? Scientists believe it is because the world today is emitting too many greenhouse gases as we go about our daily lives. Our climate is continually changing.

Putting a price on carbon will help cut pollution in the cheapest and most effective way. That money will help introduce new clean energy sources, such as solar, gas and wind. It will also help us to save money on energy in the long term.

Carbon price is not a tax on households. It is not even a tax! Carbon price helps us to offset costs of changes to more efficient energy sources which are more expensive than oil or coal.

Other countries are already taking action – so if we are all to benefit – we must take action too.

Change is not easy and we know people are concerned that it might add to the cost of living so we will ensure those of you who need the help most will be assisted with any cost of living impacts.

I need to know now – how you believe these changes will impact you? If you have a question or concern, I want to find you an answer. So please write to me, ring or email me so I can give you the information you need.

I enclose a pamphlet/s that may help you to start with and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Dick Adams
Federal Member for Lyons [Tasmania]


Question for Dick Adams: How much will the temperature drop? 

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