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The Galileo Movement

Announcement from the newly formed Galileo Movement:

We’re delighted to be able to introduce you to the web site of the newly-formed Galileo Movement.  The principal aim of this Movement is to first win the battle against the currently threatened tax on carbon dioxide and then to win the war against any drive for ever putting a price on it.

From recent public polls it is obvious that the majority of Australians are opposed to this tax and we believe you are probably part of that majority. 

Our efforts are non-political as there are politicians in all parties who need to be convinced of the futility of taxing a beneficial trace gas in the atmosphere. So many people still think that carbon dioxide is a harmful pollutant; we need your help to educate these people that this is not so! We have strong connections to excellent scientific and other advisers worldwide. We’re ready.

The Galileo Movement website is here…


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