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More government ignorance on climate change

Does Climate Minister Combet have any competent science advisers? 

It is common knowledge that Ministerial advisers maintain a library of stock-reply letters to use when their Minister receives a complaint or enquiry along predictable lines. 

Given the current community dissatisfaction regarding climate change policy, and what is widely perceived to be an unnecessary and futile carbon dioxide tax, Climate Minister Greg Combet’s staff will surely have been busy despatching letters of reassurance to the community recently. 

One such letter has been directed to Mr Darren Chester, MP for Gippsland, in response to representations he had made to Minister Combet on behalf of one of his constituents – who asked how much Australia has spent on “the global warming hoax”

Minister Combet’s letter is short and to the point. Yet in six brief paragraphs the Minister reveals: 

  • 5 fundamental scientific errors;
  • That he does not know the difference between computer projections and predictions;
  • That he mistakenly believes that “a global solution” is at hand for what he depicts as the climate change problem; and
  • That each Australian citizen is already contributing $91/head annually to subsidize the government’s “stop global warming” policy. 

Mr Chester’s constituent points all this out, and more, in his reply to Minister Combet’s letter. It will be interesting to see how the Minister in turn replies, and if he does we will post his answer and comment on it here for your interest. 

Watch this space.

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