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ClimateWorks for Labor

Marc Hendrickx on ClimateWorks Australia, the ALP, and the ABC:

An uncredited report in which ABC reported that the Federal Opposition rejected a new study which says the Coalition’s climate plan will not cut emissions by as much as it claims.

The study was by ClimateWorks Australia. 

The report failed to mention that ClimateWorks Australia board members (there are only 6) include: 

John Thwaites: former Labor Deputy Premier of Victoria and ALP member, and 

Mark Dreyfus: a serving member of the current Labor Government.

Sam Mostyn: Former staffer to Labor PM Paul Keating

Also of note is that ClimateWorks executive director Anna Sarbek is a former Ministerial Advisor to John Thwaites

Marc Hendrickx’s complaint to the ABC:

In light of these revelations does it not seem reasonable that the Opposition have rejected the report by ClimateWorks Australia? 

Why did the ABC not report on the obvious and easily located links between ClimateWorks Australia and the Australian Labor Party? 

Given the report by ClimateWorks Australia is critical of the opposition’s climate policy did the ABC not consider that this information was important to readers in allowing them to make up their own minds about the potential for political bias and influence in the ClimateWorks Australia report?

Source: ABC News Watch

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