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Not Evil Just Wrong

On October 18 our documentary, Not Evil Just Wrong, will premiere in homes and campuses across Australia and around the world. 

Last month, the Australian Senate defeated the Rudd Government’s emissions trading scheme, halting a plan that would kill jobs and increase taxes. That’s the good news for Australians. 

The bad news is that radical environmentalists helped defeat the plan because they want the government to adopt a scheme that would do even more damage to the nation’s economy — and they will say whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. 

We know that Australians closely watch what happens in Europe and may be tempted to follow our example and embrace green government and policies. 

Spain believed the hype about environmental regulation creating “green jobs” and boosting the economy. Now 18 percent of Spaniards have no jobs. Our own country – Ireland – has the Green Party in government who are pushing for a “carbon tax”. This will increase the price of every good and service on an island that is enduring 13 per cent unemployment. The increased costs will drive out jobs during one of the worst recessions in living memory. 

A similar fate awaits Australia if it follows Europe’s lead. Eighty percent of Australia’s energy comes from coal, and the country exported $45 billion worth of it last year. Tens of thousands of jobs in the energy sector are at stake if Parliament adopts ETS to cap carbon dioxide. 

Every Australian family will feel the pain because everything costs more when energy prices soar. Experts have warned that the price of food could jump 4 percent to 7 percent. 

That’s real money for real people, and the hit to their pocketbooks is completely unnecessary. As we reveal in our documentary Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost Of Global Warming Hysteria, there is no scientific basis for the claim that man is making Earth dangerously warmer. 

For starters, the planet has been cooling for the past decade. Earth also has been warmer in the past — and that was hundreds of years before man created big cars and jumbo jets. 

Environmentalists know it, too. That’s why they tell lies about the Arctic losing all of its ice, polar bears drowning at sea and natural disasters wreaking havoc from coast to coast. They can’t win the debate based on fact, so they create fiction. 

You’ve heard the tall tales here in Australia. Back in 2007, the New South Wales government issued a report that predicted global warming will make Sydney virtually uninhabitable by 2070. 

But history has proven that radical environmentalists cannot be believed. Australians need to reject their nonsense. Otherwise, you will face the painful reality that Europeans are now living. 

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer are co-producers of Not Evil Just Wrong.

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