Bill Muehlenberg

More PC mischief and mayhem

Whenever the forces of political correctness and a morally bankrupt mainstream media come together, you know there is going to be trouble, big time. Indeed, simply get a lesbian couple screaming ‘discrimination’ and you have created a media firestorm. The radical homosexual lobby has milked this story for all its worth, and the MSM is quite happy to play this up worldwide.

Here is the story: a 16 year old girl and her 15 year old lesbian lover were denied access to a year 11 formal by a private girls’ school in Melbourne. Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School said that only year 11 students could attend this, but the girls and an activist media are turning this into yet another horror case of ‘outrageous discrimination’.

Every media outlet on the planet – and perhaps a few from other planets – seems to have picked up on this story, and there is now a worldwide crusade on to crucify this school for daring to have rules and stick to those rules. When it comes to the homosexual lobby, no one and nothing is now safe – not even private schools.

The school says this in its mission statement: “Ivanhoe Girls’ aims to provide the best learning and teaching which, underpinned by the Christian philosophy, enables every girl to achieve her potential and to be a confident, optimistic and responsible citizen.”

No wonder it is being targeted by the secular left and the homosexualists. Any school that dares to stand for Christian convictions and values – especially on the biblical understanding of sexuality – is now a target for these radical social engineers.

The truth is, a private Christian school should have the right to set its own rules, and be allowed to enforce those rules. Every club, group, institution, school, and society has these rights. Yet these two girls are exploiting these reasonable rules and are seeking to make themselves martyrs for the homosexual cause.

The simple solution to all this is quite clear: if these rebels do not like the rules of this private Christian school, then they should go elsewhere. And that is now exactly what they have done. But they obviously should have made this move much sooner.

And of course if the school cannot even establish and enforce standards here, then what next? What if a bisexual wants to bring both his male and female lovers to a school prom? What if a polyamorist wants to bring his entire coterie of lovers along? What if someone wants to bring his dear pet along?

Indeed, why have any rules or limits whatsoever? Why not just allow complete anarchy to reign? After all, to have any rules is always going to mean someone gets discriminated against. In our PC-mad culture, it seems that the only sensible solution is to ban all rules and regulations altogether.

Fortunately I can report that at least one other person on the planet thinks this pro-homosexual stunt is so much nonsense. Writing in The Punch, education expert Kevin Donnelly offers us a ray of sanity in a world gone mad. Says Donnelly. “faith-based schools, because of their religious nature, have every right to ensure that who they enrol and who they employ are able to accept and live by the moral and spiritual values considered central to the schools’ mission.”

But he points out that if a Labor/Green victory occurs in this month’s Victorian election, all that will be under threat. “If the Greens Party wins the balance of power in the upcoming state election and is able to implement its policy then there is every chance that Catholic schools will be forced to employ gay/lesbian teachers and promote the benefits of alternative sexuality and gender lifestyles to students.

“Government and other faith-based schools will also be made to teach a curriculum that positively discriminates in favour of gays, lesbians, transgender and intersex persons. Even though gays and lesbians only represent 1 to 2 per cent of the population, the radical Greens Party wants to promote such a life-style as acceptable and normal.”

The Greens’ education policy “argues that schools, especially Catholic and other faith-based schools, no longer have the right to decide who they employ or who they enrol when it states that such schools adopt ‘non-discriminatory staff recruitment and enrolment policies’.

“If schools refuse to implement such extreme policies, as they run counter to a school’s religious beliefs and mission, then the Greens argue that such schools should lose funding. Ignored is that most Australians accept the fact that marriage is between a man and a women and that heterosexuality is the norm.

“Also ignored is that freedom of religion is a basic human right and that parents have the right to enrol their children in schools that reflect and teach the values they believe are important. It’s not only the Greens that want to teach children that gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersex lifestyles are normal and acceptable.

“The Victorian Branch of the Australian Education Union has argued for years that it is wrong for schools to discriminate and that such lifestyles must be presented in a positive light. Gay/lesbian activists argue that plays like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and fairy tales like Cinderella should not be taught as they celebrate heterosexuality and a happy ending is defined as marrying the Prince….

“Taken to their conclusion, and if the Greens win control of the Victorian Parliament, such policies will mean that every student in the state will be taught that more extreme forms of sexuality and gender relations are normal. Schools will also be discriminated against by losing funding if they refuse to follow what the government dictates.”

The truth is, this is nothing less than an all out war directed against the Christian faith. The homosexual activists and their stooges in the MSM will not stop until every Christian institution, church and school bows down to and embraces the homosexual agenda.

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