Bill Muehlenberg

Targeting Toddlers

The activists of the secular left are no dummies; they know that in order to win the culture wars, they must get access to our children, and the younger the better. They know that if they can indoctrinate our kids at the most early ages possible, they will have a much better chance of seeing their social engineering agenda accomplished in full.

That is why they never tire of actively seeking to reach our children. They know if they can bypass parental concerns and values, they can get direct access to even toddlers in order to indoctrinate them in their radical worldview. Thus it comes as no surprise that yet another example of this has cropped up in the news.

This is how one media outlet begins the story: “A book that teaches children about lesbian mums getting pregnant using sperm donors is being pitched at kids as young as two. The controversial publication, Where Did I Really Come From?, also features a drawing of two gay men holding a baby, in a chapter about surrogacy. The publisher’s marketing spruiks the book, which includes in-depth descriptions of sexual intercourse, as suitable to be read to two-year-old children.”

The book is written by Narelle Wickham, and illustrated by Ingrid Urh. It has actually been out since 1992, but this new edition came out late last year. So what is the problem here? Let me count the ways.

As I told one reporter, sex ed in general is something that toddlers are simply not ready for. A case can be made that no one under high school age needs to be exposed to graphic sex education materials such as this. So why in the world is this being rammed down the throats of toddlers?

Also, this is not just about some harmless sex ed material, but is of course all about radical groups indoctrinating our children. It is about pushing agendas, and softening up kids to the moral relativism of the sexperts.

And it is all done to avoid any moral concerns that parents might have. Indeed, we are informed that the book offers “simple, non-judgmental explanations” about sexuality. They got that right. We don’t want to be judgmental and inform little toddlers that if and when they mess around with homosexuality they might contract HIV/AIDS or any number of other dangerous STDs. We would not want to tell them they might die young by getting into this very high risk lifestyle. No that would be judgmental.

As if we can leave values out of something as important as human sexuality. But this is really no value-free sex ed. It is chock a bloc full of the values of the militant sexual libertines and the homosexual lobby. Those are the real values that are being pushed fast and hard here. So spare us this nonsense about “non-judgmental explanations”.

And when ideologues want to push their agendas, truth is always the first casualty. Consider this howler which comes from the author herself: “All the research shows that in terms of outcomes for young people, family connections and warmth is more important than family structure.” There is perhaps no more patently and demonstrably false statement to be found on this issue than this.

We now have over forty years of social science research on this very question. Over 10,000 international studies have made it absolutely clear that family structure is the most important component for the wellbeing of a child. The research is so extensive and settled on this, that only a homosexual activist who wants to deliberately deceive people could even dare to make such a wild claim.

Family structure matters overwhelmingly, and the research demonstrates that no other family structure is as vital to the healthy development of a child than that of a biological mother and father, preferably married. No other family structure even comes close to providing the tremendous benefits which biological parents do. So here we have a deliberate and blatant falsehood, all in the interests of pushing the misleading agenda of the homosexual lobby.

And by the way, this is not some neutral, impartial academic who has written this book. Wickham is a lesbian activist, although you wouldn’t know it by the way the MSM reported the story. The book’s publisher and promoter are Learn to Include, which promotes the homosexual agenda, and Two Lives Publishing.

As to the former, it has printed numerous homosexual books, including that of another Australian lesbian activist, Vicki Harding. We are also told this on its website: “This project is supported by the NSW Attorney General’s Department – Crime Prevention Division”. It sounds like taxpayers are therefore funding this stuff.

And we learn this about the latter: “Welcome to, the online home of Two Lives Publishing. Our mission is to publish and distribute quality books for LGBT families.” Just in case you don’t know, LGBT of course stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

And it also turns out that Wickham has a child who “was lovingly conceived through self donor insemination 22 years ago” as we are informed in an interview with her in a homosexual newspaper. So there is nothing objective about this: it is homosexual indoctrination pure and simple.

Not only should parents be in charge of the education of their young, especially when it comes to sexuality, but those with vested interests which are not in the interests of the child, such as the militant homosexual lobby, should be kept at arm’s length from these innocent and impressionable young people.

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