Bill Muehlenberg

Our Christophobes at Work

It seems that anytime is a good time to take pot-shots at Christianity. But if this anti-Christian bigotry can take place over holy days on the Christian calendar, so much the better. Thus this Easter we see more drive-by shootings against Christianity.

Consider two examples making headlines this week. In Melbourne, we have another case of a self-obsessed and self-important “artist”, presenting yet another attack on Christ and Christianity. It seems that a certain Mitch Mitchell – who calls himself an artist – has created a life-size cross with a naked young woman hanging on it, which is now on display at a Melbourne gallery. We are informed that it is “meant to portray women’s suffering”. Oh really?

But this nonsense gets worse when the artist informs us, "It is the duty of an artist to question society’s beliefs in religion and to test people about those beliefs, which this sculpture will do."

Oh yeah? Says who? Since when are artists obligated to attack deeply-held religious beliefs and do so on holy days? Where does it say this is the artist’s job? I must have missed this when I took art classes in my youth.

Is there some contract which every budding artist must sign which says something like this: “I promise I will use my craft to attack religion, and especially bash Christianity. I will especially endeavour to use holy days to make my assaults more visible, controversial and profitable. I will push my anti-Christian bigotry and wrap it up in the flag of “artistic expression” and being the “social conscience” of society. And I recognise that artistic talent is of course an optional extra.”

I don’t recall hearing about artists having to sign such a contract. But this guy seems to think it is his obligation to the world to tell us how to believe, and to challenge us in our beliefs. Seems to me that he is just another Christophobe who wants to make a quick buck and gain a bit of notoriety in doing what so many others have done before him.

We are actually growing a bit tired of all this. Andre Serrano’s “Piss Christ” was of course one of the more infamous of such examples. And there have been plenty more. And as always, I await the day when we see Muhammad decked out as a naked female, all in the name of art.

Or perhaps we will see some trendy Melbourne art gallery featuring a really bold bit of social commentary: a Koran immersed in a jar of urine. Somehow I don’t think so.

Christians are always such soft targets. Mr Mitchell knows they will not fly an airplane into the gallery. He knows they will not surround his house with noisy protests, demanding his scalp. There will be no fatwas issued against him, and no suicide bombers will target his gallery.

Thus we can expect to see more such cases of Christ-bashing coming from those in the artistic fraternity.

The second case comes out of Sydney. The Royal North Shore Hospital has decided to pull crosses, Bibles and other Christian symbols from a Christian chapel there. They did so in order not to “offend” those from other religious traditions.

The really odd thing about this case of political correctness is that evidently no one from these other traditions was in fact offended. No one was complaining about the Christian pictures and symbols. Indeed, both Jewish and Muslim leaders said after the event that they thought removing the items was silly and unnecessary.

So we not only have the big cheeses at the hospital guilty of gross political correctness, but of desperate appeasement and dhimmitude. Australian elites are increasingly happy to renounce anything to do with this nation’s Christian past and present, all in the name of placating alternate faiths, especially Islam.

Such dhimmitude and Christophobia may be expected from our secular elites, but ordinary Australians are not there yet, and many are quite upset by this continued war of aggression against their faith. But this is occurring throughout the Western world, and unfortunately we can expect things to only get worse.

Easter is not even finished for the year, yet we have these two examples of Chistophobia. I wonder what the remainder of the week will bring?

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