US Midterms: Here Come the Republicans

Not long before I made the mistake last week of entrusting life and baggage to Philippine Airlines’ midweek flight from Melbourne to New York, a leftoid friend, one who pays far too much heed to the ABC, warned me that conservatives’ hope of the GOP sweeping both the House and Senate was likely to be dashed.

‘Well, yes, there’s always the possibility of massive electoral fraud, like in 2020,” I replied, all the while anticipating a heaved sigh of exasperation at my refusal to accept the absurdity of more Americans having voted for a dim and declining dodderer, a nailed plagiarist and serial fabulist, than for any other presidential candidate in American history. But that wasn’t what he meant.

“Abortion,” he said, “that will be the decider.”

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, as they say, and skerricks of alleged insight gained from the mainstream media’s narratives can only further cloud the perceptions of those whose left eye is pressed to a faulty telescope on the wrong side of the Pacific. Still, as one of those folks who rate the ABC Australia’s “most trusted” news source, you can understand why my friend labours under the abortion misconception.

Thing is, the ABC seems only ever to seek the perspectives of donors to the Democratic Party. Take this report, for example, selected at random from the national broadcaster’s archives after a site search on ‘Trump’. Both of the quoted people, documentarian Nick Quested and Stephen Vladeck, are donors, as can be easily easily established by consulting the website, which catalogues who gives what to whom and how much.

Likewise with this report, in which a certain Mark Graber, a Maryland law professor, has this to say of Trump and Republicans: “[It] may be that the Trump wing of the Republican party is starting to lose some steam … This will help a whole lot in removing Donald Trump from the American political scene. But it’s likely to be a very slow removal.”

Professor Graber — surprise! surprise! — is yet another leftist who puts his money where his heart is.

That’s the treatment the ABC accords Democrats. But Republicans? Well they’re a different matter altogether.

The Trump administration’s newly appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is a major Republican donor and a close ally of Trump.

Why bother noting any of this? That the ABC is a closed shop of Labor/Greens publicists is both well known and beyond dispute, so old news, right? The reason is that there will be a lot more twisted, one-sided and, quite frankly, deliberately misleading commentary in the weeks to come. This is because — and you read it here first — the Democrats are about to endure what could well be their biggest midterm election losses ever. House, Senate and state governors’ races, the polls all say the GOP will romp, with even a basketcase Blue state such as New York now said to be within a few points of surrendering the Governor’s Mansion in upstate Albany to the Republican contender.

Crime, inflation, open borders, home heating bills and petrol prices that are almost as high as those in Australia, these are the topics foremost in American minds. And abortion? Contrary to my bolshie mate’s expectation, that is a no-sum gain: those who regard termination of pregnancies as something akin to a secular sacrament are already in the Democrat camp, meaning potential gains are minimal. Of much greater offense to many has been Joe Biden’s recent promise to forgive student loans, a panic move announced by the White House as poll numbers began to slide. This I take as a personal affront, having squandered some $300,000 on my son’s four-year college education, all of which had been saved over the previous 20 years in a dedicated fund. No cash back for me, but a generation X or Z kid likely to vote Democrat gets a free ride on the American taxpayer. Going by conversations other than those concerning the World Series last night at a bar here in Hartford, Connecticut, I’m not the only one who is more than considerably miffed.

This is where the post-election lies will pour from mainstream media’s spigot, the developing meme being that, somehow, Republicans have the election rigged and their victory will, therefore, be illegitimate. Hillary Clinton has just said as much about the midterms, now just 13 days away, and the 2024 presidential election as well. This is as rich as rich can be, of course, as it was the same Mrs Clinton and her team who insisted through four years of no evidence whatsoever that Vladimir Putin was Donald Trump’s puppetmaster.

That was yesteryear’s lie. Stay tuned, there are more and bigger to come, all to be parroted with unfaltering fidelity by mass media outlets that no longer quite seem to grasp the meaning of the word ‘shame’.

Roger Franklin is in the US to inspect his baby grandaughter, his first grandchild, and observe American democracy in action. The next stop, Braddock, Pennsylvania, and one of the most curious Senate contests you can image

12 thoughts on “US Midterms: Here Come the Republicans

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    I trust that the grandchild inspection went very satisfactorily, RF.

    Comparing notes, as we are both in America too (cruising the Caribbean now down Miami way and to drive soon to Louisiana via the Panhandle for the mid-terms), we can say that the Americans on board are turning Republican although some do it with gritted teeth, saying they don’t like Trump the person but they sure do appreciate his policies now. Trump is rising in general estimation and we haven’t heard as much of De Santis as an alternative as we were hearing in Australia. The Canadians on board however seem to be very blind to the seizure of their own country and the democrat failures in the US; they cling to leftist hope still.

    We’ve just left Aruba, a small Caribbean island that has chosen to remain a part of the Dutch Kingdom where all foreign affairs are handled by Holland and the US coastguard. They are needed to repel the invasion from across the 18 miles of sea to Venezuela, where US$4 a month is the income compared to US$900 a month in Dutch Aruba. Everyone in Aruba is a Dutch citizen and medical services are free and good. Holland provided income support to the tourist-driven Aruban economy during Covid lockdowns.

    150,000 Aruban citizens now fend off boatloads (30,000 to date) from the socialist paradise of Venezuela.
    Same old story the world over. Time for America to lead the way back to political sanity.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    That’s 30,000 people arriving by boat in the past few years, not thirty thousand boat arrivals.

    The desperation in Venezuela must be becoming extreme. Another issue we have found going down the Mexican coast and through the Panama canal is that the problems in the US are translating to further degradation of social order in Central American countries we have called in to visit. More drugs to the US mean more gang warfare below the border, a distorted economy, a less stable future, and more people thus wanting to flee to America’s very porous border. Biden has a lot of blood on his hands over all of this.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    errata – it’s 120,000 Aruban citizens, the population is 150,000 with the new Venezuelan arrivals added to it.

  • Michael says:

    Woke doesn’t work. People hate it. Hate it.

  • Tony Tea says:

    Good luck with the grandchild, Roger. I trust there’s no rainbow swaddling.

  • coggancreek says:

    bayourenaissanceman issues the same warning, but his observation of Democrat behaviour indicates they believe they have the matter in hand.
    He says watch out for a really big distraction.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Thanks RF
    Give my regards to Broadway.
    Haste ye back if you want to see the RE chickens in full fright.
    Bon voyage.

  • Sindri says:

    “a dim and declining dodderer, a nailed plagiarist and serial fabulist”
    Let’s put aside for the moment whether that best describes Biden or Trump. Oh dear, Roger, have you, so good at calling out bullshit at a hundred paces, really signed up to the “massive electoral fraud” nonsense?
    Like all conspiracy theories, 9/11, the moon landing, you name it, this one founders on the sheer absurdity of the vast number of ordinary people necessarily in on the secret, and faced with the knowledge of an outrageous crime, keeping a monolithic silence.
    Let’s just consider it coolly. It’s not just a few engineers in the backroom fiddling with the algorithms in some software. First, a sizeable group of people, including Biden himself and various lieutenants, would have had to get together and coolly plot a huge crime, the corrupting of the voting process to thwart the democratic vote of the US electorate. Just like that. Apart from Biden, who are these people? Where did they meet? Who originated it? Did not one of them have the slightest moral qualms? Did not one of the top people they approached to join in indignantly reject it and blow the whistle?
    Then, who did this sinister cabal recruit to undertake the task of engaging not merely engineers to corrupt the voting software, but technical and managerial people to coordinate and seamlessly operate the scam across numerous juridictions? I don’t mean the sinister deep state types at the apex, in dark suits and their faces in shadow, so beloved of facile Hollywood movies, but ordinary Americans with mortgages and suburban plots who socialise with their neighbours go to their kids’ sport on the weekends. Did not one of them get an attack of conscience? Did not one of them angrily reject the approach? Did not one of them suspect what was going on and blow the whistle?
    And I suppose every judge who asked for some evidence of this dastardly plot was in on the conspiracy too?
    Come off it.

  • terenc5 says:

    Sindri you have obviously not been paying attention to the enormous amount of evidence of vote fraud out there so it could only be wilful blindness. I think the best one is Joe boasting on camera about having the largest vote fraud arrangements ever. Just senile enough to sometimes tell the truth.

    • Sindri says:

      terenc5, I don’t know whether you’re being disingenuous or wilfully blind yourself. We’ve all seen that clip, I mean *all* of what he said, and it’s just childish to suggest that he was admitting to voter fraud. Forgive me, but anyone looking at the whole clip you couldn’t genuinely come to any other conclusion.

  • Sindri says:

    And to take a 5 second clip out of a 27 minute interview in which Biden minutely describes the orgnisation that has been set up to detect and prevent voter fraud, as the Trump campaign did, is all of a piece with Trump’s dishonesty and his childish vanity, so apparent in his truly wicked perpetuation of the stolen election nonsense.

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