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No wonder they
want him silenced

If the ranks of doctors, shrinks and other medical specialists associated with the Gender Service Team — yes, that’s what they call it — at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) is any guide, orchestrating children’s switch from male to female and vice versa is a growth industry and, judging by their quoted enthusiasm for the calling, an appealing career path.

Jordan Peterson in the video embedded above explains why the business of puberty blockers, mastectomies and surgical mutilation is booming.

Interestingly, Peterson mentions the forced closure of the UK’s Tavistock Institute and the hundreds of lawsuits filed by former patients who feel they were “forced down the gender pipeline”.

For more on the RCH clinic’s ties to Tavistock and why the Melbourne centre is, in at least one regard, the more radical, read Bernard Lane.

– roger franklin

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