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No accounting for
COVID’s commissars

James Allan, writing in The Spectator, on how, without the COVID royal commission that will never be allowed, those responsible won’t be held accountable for the damage they did. That means the only responses to the lockdown years are an angry frustration or a compliant, sheep-like wiping of recent memories:

I am still seething mad at what the political class did to us. And they did it to us without taking a pay cut. Without suffering anything like what those who were young suffered, what those who were poor suffered, and what those who were outside ‘the laptop class’ suffered. Their claims that ‘we’re all in this together’ were patent lies and anyone with a half-functioning brain could see as much. But it became plain that there was unlikely to be any consequences, any retribution, for all of this cancelling of critics, outrageous slurs about being ‘granny killers’, turning people into snitches of their neighbours and friends, weaponising of the police into thugs, and a lot more.

And then there’s this:

Australia right now has sky-high excess deaths. If the goal of lockdowns was to save more lives than it cost then it has failed miserably on its own terms. The incredible stupidity of [UK ex-health minister Matt] Hancock in being so arrogant that it never occurred to him not to give away otherwise encrypted texts (which made the writers more forthcoming than otherwise) has done us all a huge favour.

Every single Australian knows in his or her heart that our own politicians were no different than Britain’s – no less self-serving, focused on PR and fearmongering, clueless on the data, afraid to stand up to the worst elements of the modelling class, etc. Read ‘em and weep readers.

Read ’em and weep indeed.

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