Simon Collins: ‘Hello Mother’

Hello mother
Hello father
Here I am on
Jihad’s very
If you’re into watching kids and old folks dying

In the kibbutz
We just burned down
Pleas for mercy
Were all turned down
Hope we’ll all be
Long remembered
For the babies me and my friends have dismembered

Guys are shooting
Guys are raping
Jews are dying
Few escaping
It’s my birthright
And sworn duty
To maximise the slaughter of Yehudi

God has helped us
On our mission
There’s been no real
They’re not soldiers
More like farmers
Quite a few that I have murdered wore pyjamas

With my AK
Forty seven
I’ve secured my
place in heaven
And if I die
Mother father
You can celebrate because you raised a martyr

Inspired by a phone call made by a Hamas terrorist to his parents on Oct 7th

Simon Collins

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