Martin Samuel: ‘Drums ’n’ Guitar’, ‘One Small Step, One Giant Leap’ and ‘Poppy Fields’

Drums ’n’ Guitar

Tho’ right-handed
instruments they play
left-handed musicians both are they
so if you follow the trail of crumbs
they lead to Jimi the Starr of guitar
and stick to Ringo the Hendrix of drums

Martin Samuel

One Small Step, One Giant Leap

With those who
want to test the waters
and yet have no wish
to get their feet wet
but wait to have their cake
(and eat it too)
handed to them on a plate
I will neither split hairs
and pick nits
nor reason or debate
(or tear their idea to bits)
if they’re going to “fly”
(jump to a conclusion)
either do it or don’t
as Yoda said, “There is no try,”
I may not agree
it’s not up to me
and can only advise,
should they desire
to self-defenestrate ASAP,
“Take the first window of opportunity.”

Martin Samuel

Poppy Fields

Flying over the front lines
with the French Escadrille Lafayette
a brown and barren belt below
a strip of murdered nature and yet
during the warm months of spring and summer
seeds in the shattered ground would grow
delicate vibrant crimson flowers
in row after row after row
and in those poppy fields
that’s how we remember them
all the fallen soldiers
those unforgotten gallant men
tho’ Waterloo was won in a day
in a mad minute this battle was waged
while larks sang overhead in the month of May
four weeks and more it raged
it soon became apparent to the allied commanders
it’s a long way from the playing fields of Eton
to the poppy fields of Flanders

Martin Samuel

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