Greg Johns: ‘Northern Territory at Centenary’, ‘Crossing’ and ‘Balcony’

Northern Territory at Centenary

from territory
to an altered state
a hundred years
they’ve had to wait.
off your knees, arise,
no longer cower
at border gate.
alice, katherine
to elevate
the status of
a poor relation
by marriage join
the federation.
tracy: fearful
wicked witch
ended a puddle
in a ditch.
triumph over the memory,
give up the name
of territory.
as darwin knows
all things evolve.
make this resolve:
to become
our seventh state.

Greg Johns



the harp
of anzac bridge

Greg Johns



laurie keats
and the family
often visit
and down they’ll sit
expecting to be fed.
and do you think it’s easy
to get rid of them?
they’ve got no shame.
’ll even bite
the hand that feeds em
and how they screech
if the bread doesn’t reach
to the whole brood.
you’re the ones I said
can walk on water.
who do you think I am?
christ with the loaves and fishes?
all they do is pick
and no one finishes
and they never hang around
to do the dishes.

Greg Johns

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