Ethan Turner: ‘amor fati’

amor fati

without any sense of urgency,
a morning dove calls
from the bedroom window
and into my head,
gently waking me from slumber.
to be like you little bird,
i wish upon a cool july night
full of stars, among the marsh grasses
and crickets singing their songs
of a life lived here and now,
short and full.
give me a glass of this moment,
topped with ice
before the heat of day sets in
and demands unnatural labors
of my limbs and mind.
can’t we just be as we came,
like wild horses and coastal pines
following the sun through the ages
and trusting the seasons will come and go.
somewhere and sometime we lost that feeling
but i found it here
listening to the breeze,
sipping my coffee black.

Ethan Turner

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