Holly Day: ‘The Space In Between Stars’

The Space In Between Stars

She may have been excised cargo, some unexpected dead weight
keeping the ship from reaching its destination, she may have been
accidentally left behind, thrown unexpectedly from her tether
out of reach of her crew and into this region of space. She may have done it
on purpose, tired of the long trek from one port to another
perhaps she ran out of books or music and had nothing to keep her company
but the long emptiness of silence that fills the space between stars.

Ship after ship will carefully navigate around her floating corpse
perhaps use her as some kind of navigation point, or at least a curious landmark:
future passengers, bored of their own reading and listening material
will stare curiously out the porthole at the woman slowly twisting in space
make up their own stories on how she got out there, where she came from
speculate on rumors of foul play or mutiny out in the stars.

Holly Day

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