Mitch Browne: ‘Sunday’ and ‘Self-bout: sparring with heart disease’


six days a week
I create my world.
On the seventh day
I relish it

time and space are mine
to bend
or bask in

this is the day
the others revolve around

the sun
too hot at work all week
is friendlier this day

flashing smiles
off birdbaths
and winking
through the leadlight
wings of butterflies

Mitch Browne

Self-bout: sparring with heart disease

Beat by the bed

Pummel pulse sucker punch

The starter I need
to saddle my dreams

Or the weakening chock
of a kitsch Dali clock
as it slips
from the

Puddle bub progress
lie without rest

A drink-slacked kraken
shucked from the shell

Mitch Browne

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