Michael Witts: ‘Magnolia Figo’ and ‘Post War’

Magnolia Figo

my plausible belief
your name derives from
the port wine stain
on your crystalline flowers

but when I see
the wine glass shape of your corolla
I doubt
perhaps the container not the contents

then after morning rain
downed your candied petals
and the sun finished its job
that smell of fermentation

intoxicates my senses
from bud to burst to bust
the mobius of faith and doubt
that makes you whole

Michael Witts

Post War

his second cousin once removed
squandered her virginity on some scoundrel
who ran off to the first war
then copped a fatal piece of shrapnel
a long way from the front

there being no one left to marry
she took up trade as the village butcher
donned her pork pie hat
and scandalised the countryside
with her frivolous bride
perched in the sidecar
attached to her thundering Velocette

Michael Witts


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