Jason Beale: ‘Love at Sea’ and ‘Morning Bins’

Love at Sea

The pillows between us,
adrift on a sofa of blue,
arose like headlands on
an uncharted sea, where
hidden monsters dwell.

Daring darker waters
I held your hand, and
caught a lonely glimmer
of love’s illusion, there
on the other shore.

As we gazed through
a glass bottom boat at
anemones and shells below,
all at once we kissed, trying
strength and depth of swell.

With the sun’s beacon above
slowly singeing our heads,
we sat like Plato’s slaves,
enclosed in the bliss of
an underwater cave for two.

Then holding fast, past
surge of hope and fear
and dangers unseen, we
weighed anchor, pressing
forth towards the light.

Jason Beale

Morning Bins

The morning bins clash
like robbers at the gate,
but we stay in bed and
sulk at the weather.

Daylight slowly bleaches
the fears of the night
still crowding our minds,
inveterate shades of life.

Limited beings, unable
to read the world’s heart,
we’re happy to wait for
the next resurrection.

And the words we share
are simple remedies,
aimless and unfulfilled
as yesterday’s hopes,

floating like bubbles
over our heads.

Jason Beale

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