Martin H. Samuel: ‘Can It (Aussie Style)’

Can It (Aussie Style)

It’s enough to make one chunder

there used to be a time Down Under

when fair dinkum the label on the tucker tin

only stated the true blue maker’s name

and the Vegemite we’d eat for brekkie contained therein

while not a porky implied mate there’s something to hide

with a shonky no responsibility disclaimer

I’m spewin’ cranky as today’s focus is on what’s not inside

no GMO cholesterol additives gluten calories caffeine nuts

no added colouring sugar preservatives

no artificial sweeteners monounsaturated

no polyunsaturated &/or trans fats

and bloody oath cobber that’s not all as I recall

no worries tho’ there’s also low sodium

not whingeing but one wonders if it’s a dodgy admission

there’s no bonzer thingo within such as ace nutrition

meanwhile I’ll fill my billycan from yon billabong

surrounded by a few emu and a roo or two

as up a gum tree the kookaburra laughingly looks on

there’s nothing more I can do so may as well

bung another shrimp on the barbie blow the froth off a few

Martin H. Samuel

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