Joe Dolce: ‘The Half-light the Low Light’ and ‘Culture’

The Half-light the Low Light

The half-light the low light
the candlelight match-lit and flickering
shadow and suggestion
the romantic light the mysterious light
the light of Rembrandt and van Eyck
the light tempered by darkness a tonal softness
the golden light the amber light the burnt-ochre light
the light for cuddle and caress
the lovers’ light.

Joe Dolce

Culture Scratched

Damnatio Memoriae.
Latin: condemnation of memory.
Official scrubbing.

Spanish tearing up the temples of Incas and Aztecs.
Leaden King George III, in 1776, melted down,
in Manhattan, to make musket balls.
Statues of Napoleon,
destroyed after Bourbon Restoration,
restored by Louis-Philippe,
destroyed again, during the Paris Commune

Joe Dolce

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