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June 2018

Volume LXII, Number 6, No 547


Majestic: Netflix’s 'The Crown' Joe Dolce


Weimar and Us Michael Connor


Patrick Leigh Fermor and the Gifts of Friendship locked David Mason


John Forbes and the Lure of the Heroic Journey locked Russell Forster


Coffee with Augustine locked Gary Furnell

Sweetness & Light

How I Swung a US Election Tim Blair


Joe Dolce: Three Poems locked Joe Dolce

Les Murray: Four New Poems locked Les Murray

Graeme Hetherington: Two Poems locked Graeme Hetherington

Ivan Head: The Compost Heap locked Ivan Head

Gabriel Fitzmaurice: Two Poems locked Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Geoff Page: Jazz Poems locked Geoff Page

Derek Fenton: Two Poems locked Derek Fenton

Craig Kurtz: Four Poems Craig Kurtz

Dan Guenther: Two Poems locked Dan Guenther

Andrew Lansdown: Wandoo Hollows locked Wandoo Hollows

Barbara Fisher: Two Poems locked Barbara Fisher

Libby Sommer: Between the Islands of the Pacific locked Libby Sommer

Peter Jeffrey: Style Notes #3 locked Peter Jeffrey