Busy Busy; Believe Me

 Busy Busy

Busy Busy. Things are humming.

Fresh Solutions are Upcoming.

Mechanisms are In Place:

Media Men are Touching Base.

Signs of Discontent are growing.

Crisis Talks are still ongoing.

Market Forces stay On Side

For a Rollercoaster Ride.

Bankers are becoming beggars.

Feisty Girls are falling preggers,

Miniskirts in Minicabs:

Everything is Up for Grabs.

Mullahs make a New Dynamic:

Rectal bombs are Unislamic.

Binge-Drink Cultures are to blame:

Ministers will Name and Shame.

Rolling programmes of Awareness

Mean a Quantum Leap in Fairness.

Premier steers the Ship of State

Through a National Debate.

Living Legend seeking closure

Goes for Maximum Exposure.

Palace Leaks must be addressed:

Prince Charles faces House Arrest.

Back-to-Basics Bishop voices

Need for Change in Lifestyle Choices.

Old-Style Values are the Key:

Marriage and the Family.


Believe Me

I know my life has been a lie.

I’ve been a liar all my life.

I know the how but not the why.

I want to score the perfect ten.

I’ve been a liar all my life.

I want the what but not the when.

I think the theme but not the thought.

I’ve been a liar all my life.

I think the thing but not the ought.

I need the where but not the who.

I’ve been a liar all my life.

I need to stick to you like glue.

I wish the kiss but not the kill.

I’ve been a liar all my life.

I wish the which but not the will.

I dream the dream but not the deed.

I seek the strive but not the strife.

I know the code. I feel the need.

I’ve been a liar all my life.

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