Batman Rocks

 I come from Gotham City

To say that Batman Rocks!

You can’t believe how shitty

Things were in Gotham City.

The brigands and banditti,

The perverts and the pox

Infesting Gotham City

Would scare you from your socks.

All hail the Caped Crusader,

The Guardian of the Good,

Thor’s hammer to the raider,

Our steely Caped Crusader,

Enabler and aider,

Our modern Robin Hood,

The saintly Caped Crusader

For God and Motherhood.

The criminal fraternity

Are struck with shock and awe.

They lose their taciturnity,

The criminal fraternity.

And question his paternity

Until their throats are raw,

Cursing for all eternity

The Keeper of the Law.

So I’m up from Gotham City

To tell you Batman’s tops!

He hits the nitty-gritty,

So dashing, dark and witty,

The Goth in Gotham city,

With all his groovy props,

So sexy, sweet and pretty,

The popsy of the cops,

He is,

The popsy of the cops!

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