The Big Bang; Love Letter from the Lady CEO

The Big Bang

Matter can not touch matter.

There is always space in between,

So what does it really matter

And what does it really mean

If they say that matter is real

But love is just a dream.

They say it is universal

In physics it is a law

Two bodies are attracted

Simply because they are

It is stronger when they are closer

But they still feel it from afar

They say we once were one

All that now exists

And nothing is ever lost

It changes but persists

Since the universe exploded

Spraying atoms in a mist

They say it is universal

In love it is a law

That soul mates are united

No matter where they are

And when we are separated

We reach out from afar

For matter can not touch matter

But things are not what they seem

We travel to each other

Through the spaces in between

For matter isn’t really there

And time is just a dream

So we will come together

In another lover’s tryst

And space and time won’t matter

Since the last time that we kissed

And the universe exploded

Spraying atoms in a mist

Love Letter from the Lady CEO.

Dear Sir,

   Our partnership as proposed

has been reviewed. We are disposed

quite favourably, and as you hoped

the project has been thoroughly scoped.

Due diligence has been conducted

and our lawyers are instructed

to draw up contracts that ensure

appropriate terms of disvestiture

should circumstances eventuate

such as a drop in interest rate

or disproportionate liability

that reduces viability

of our joint venture target goals.

As agreed, our respective roles

must from outset clearly be defined

before the paperwork is signed.

While we are willing to accept

production schedules, it is yet

to be resolved what penalties apply

should it be found that your supply

has failed to arrive in good condition

and on time. Regarding position,

we are gratified that you agree

to maintain flexibility.

Risk management is always wise

but most important are the kpi’s.

In conclusion, we have no hesitation:

horizontal integration

dependent on your verticality

will soon become reality,

as soon as your prospectus and its plaudits

have been subjected to external audit.

On a personal note, just let me say,

I look forward to your substantive response in my in-tray.

My PA has been buzzed and I await

a window sometime soon for our first date.

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