Abruptly Bridged

“If Rudd is elected, the gulf between the government and the country’s creative artists will be bridged.”
“With the election of the Rudd Government there is some reason to feel optimistic about the future of the ABC. The culture war will come abruptly to an end.”

—Robert Manne

And like a torch the vision glowed upon the southern shore
The gulf was bridged, and, very soon, it might be bridged yet more!

With precision then the government and artists of the nation
Would join together rapturously in an Anschluss of creation.

Gulfs would be bridged, culture and art bound with secure bands
As—as history reminded us—had occurred in other lands.

In a great happy melding, the State would heal and mend
As when elsewhere culture-wars came abruptly to an end.

The country’s artists might achieve security, wealth and fame.
Others had thought the concept out—it even had a name.

And it would be a two-way bridge: let the creative arts
Join to support the government, as in certain foreign parts.

Benevolent officialdom would watch them cut their capers
As they made wise obeisance to the hand that signed the papers.

We read this tried prescription, and rejoiced that it was clear
We might follow certain others in this cutting-edge idea.

In marvellous gleichschaltung we then would celebrate
Like some previous communities, No Art Outside The State!

Hal Colebatch

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