Too important to delay

quadrant bannerQuadrant gets ahead of itself, so to speak, having now published  four essays dealing with same-sex marriage that will appear in our October issue. We’re normally reluctant to take  content from behind the paywall until well into the month, the thinking being that early online publication will erode sales of the magazine. As Quadrant no longer receives even the former pittance once awarded by the Australia Council, those sales are vital. Indeed, they are a matter of life and death. To release October content even before the issue has left the printer is extraordinary.

But so is the same sex-marriage debate, which has been extraordinarily one-sided.

‘Yes’ supporters have the mainstream media in their corner, most particularly the ABC. No surprise there, of course, but a one-sided debate is no debate at all — especially when the national broadcaster has been so keen to stack its coverage against a ‘No’ vote that even Kath & Kim were presented as cogent advocates for changing the Marriage Act.

Yesterday, the thoughts of  Quadrant editor Keith Windschuttle and legal academic Greg Walsh appear to the left.

Today, and also from the October edition, two more essays from Shimon Cowen and Michael Kowalik have been released online.

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