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Battles near and far

The key fight on the homefront is, of course, to make sure the Voice is not merely defeated on October 14 but utterly thrashed, a result that might just see the current leadership cadre of the Aboriginal Industry pushed back at least a little from the trough of their taxpayer-funded grants, contracts and sinecures.

Well, one can hope, not least that the blowback from Anthony Albanese’s half-baked bid to divide the nation by race will have an adverse impact on a government seeking re-election — a government increasingly making the Whitlam years seem by comparison a picture of coherence and competence.

After that, the action will be on the far side of the Pacific, where 2024 will see both a presidential election and Donald Trump ending up in either 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or a penitentiary. US essayist and podcaster Sasha Stone has some thoughts on the election and and the state of the country that are well worth hearing.

If you have 28 minutes to spare, drop by her Substack site and hit the play button.

— roger franklin

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