Another sensitive soul

Stephanie Peatling is “a senior Fairfax writer”, which may mean she is not read by a greater number of lapsed SMH subscribers than no longer read her less senior colleagues. Then again, that may not be the case at all. Who knows what words are taken to mean in a company overseen by a board that believes shareholder value is best safeguarded by pledging not to supervise the product its remaining employees persist in extruding every morning, at least for the time being?

Stephanie also sends out tweets. As medicos were administering CPR to a mortally injured Phil Hughes at the SCG, this was one of her deeper thoughts.

peatling2If you don’t speak twitterese, that “DV” stands for domestic violence. Peatling cares, you see. She really, really cares. Indeed, she cares so much she called Hughes by the wrong name.

Further to matters media, Nancy Henderson’s latest Media Watch Dog has now been posted and can be read via the link below.

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