Margaret Court’s public burning

court pinkoWere Mrs Court to tint her hair a look-at-me hue, pack on the pounds and embrace foul manners as an art form, she might secure a regular spot on The Project. Children at her eponymous tennis academy might also escape harassment.

Taki, that libidinous old Greek, comes to the defence of Margaret Court:

Removing statues of great American generals who fought for, er…the wrong cause is the latest trendy thing to do. In fact, the virus has spread as far away as Australia, where the politically correct in cahoots with the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brigades are demanding that a tennis legend’s name be removed from a stadium named after her. Margaret Court won 24 Grand Slam titles in her time during the ’60s and early ’70s, one more than Serena Williams, but a couple of years ago committed the greatest crime ever: She criticized same-sex marriage from the pulpit of her church in Perth, where she is a pastor. Her name has been mud ever since, at least among those who think it’s normal for people of the same sex to marry.


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