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Quack Climatology

How do you become a "world respected climate expert"? Well, you could study old bones, like paleontologist-turned-public spectacle Tim Flannery. Or you might win a Nobel for revealing the mysteries of T-cells, like medico Peter Doherty, who is now another go-to authority on climate change, punitive tariffs and Bjorn Lomborg's eco heresies. It's great work, if you can get it! Scare politicians into squandering billions of dollars on white elephant desalination plants and, as Zeg observes, you still get quoted by admiring reporters.

Quadrant Dinner: Anzac and Its Enemies

anzac book middling

If there is good in anything, count on the left to tear it down. With Anzac Day drawing near, we'll hear yet again of  Anzacs sacrificed on imperialism's altar, of their ghosts being conscripted in the cause of militarism, sexism, ethnic oppression and any other notion fashionably despised in the modern academy. Author and Quadrant contributor Mervyn Bendle confronts those who know not shame nor better. Join us for dinner and the launch of his new book, which can be ordered from Quadrant's online shop by following this link