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Coming Soon On Q-&-Effing-A

abc leans left small

Here's a rarity: an edition of Q&A with two, possibly three, conservative voices. But don't get your hopes up that ABC Editor in Chief Mark Scott's minions have attained some semblance of balance. The two lefties lined up for Monday night's show more than compensate for their side's diminished numbers with guaranteed overdoses of bellicosity and, if "public intellectual" Van Badham remains true to form, lashings of obscenities delivered hot and steaming to Australia's livingrooms

The Party Of Conviction

zeg gough-shorten small

Well that's OK then -- the Australian Labor Party will soon be an entirely new beast, thanks to the groundbreaking efforts of Bill Shorten, that born, raised and pre-selected product of the Trades Hall bruvverhood. Now, all of a sudden, the rolls wil be open to new members who don't come with the union label. Deomcracy? Well, there's that, but self-interest can't be ignored. With the Royal Commission into union corruption just getting started, it may well be that Shorten will enjoy the company of like-minded sorts who don't need to consult counsel before opening their mouths.