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May 2017

Volume LXI, Number 5, No 536

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Star Chambers, Red Star locked

Editor's Column

A Disaster of the Active Kind Keith Windschuttle


'Kim Filbi' and the Names on the Wall John O’Sullivan


Equality, Resentment, Violence Anthony Daniels

Freedom of Speech

Mark Steyn, Cole Porter and Free Speech John Bloom

Sexual Politics

Childhood Gender Dysphoria and the Law John Whitehall


A New Case for Small-Government Conservatism locked Jeremy Sammut

The Global Ethical Mission of the United States locked John Goodman

Patriotism, Nationhood and Globalisation locked Graham Culver

The Middle East

Violent Co-Existence in the Middle East Daryl McCann


Soviet Moles in Australia locked Paul Monk

Coming to Dinner, Comrade? locked Michael Connor


It’s Time to Bury the Ned Kelly Myth locked Doug Morrissey

How They Wrote Religion Out of Australian History locked George Shaw


Needs-Based Funding is Not the Answer for Schools locked Ken Gannicott


An Australian Eureka Moment in Medical Science Julia Patrick locked Julia Patrick


The Way We Live Now locked Christopher Akehurst


New Hope in the Culture Wars locked Mark Lopez

The Hourglass Economy locked Rebecca Weisser

Prose for a Poet locked Geoff Page

Deckchairs and Pirouettes locked Peter Pierce

Amazon from the Sixties locked James McCann

Half a Good Story locked Robert Murray

Marcel Proust and the Trouble with Us locked Melissa Coburn


On 'On' in Essay Titles locked Timoshenko Aslanides

Fields of Play locked Jane Sutton


Which Peckinpah? locked Neil McDonald


The Valley of the Butterflies locked Felix Calvino

Alfresco locked Libby Sommer

Sweetness & Light

The Useful Idiocy of Gillian Triggs Tim Blair


Gabriel Fitzmaurice: Three Poems locked Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Gary Hotham: Nine Haiku locked Gary Hotham

Graeme Hetherington: Two Poems locked Graeme Hetherington

Joe Dolce: Two Poems locked Joe Dolce

Jamie Grant: Two Poems locked Jamie Grant

Ivan Head: Fest locked Ivan Head

Nana Ollerenshaw: Confession of a Volunteer locked Nana Ollerenshaw

Rod Usher: Two Poems locked Rod Usher

John Whitworth: North locked John Whitworth

Dan Guenther: Two Poems locked Dan Guenther

Barbara Fisher: Three Poems locked Barbara Fisher