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October 2013

Volume LVII, No 10

Download PDF locked


The Principles Quadrant Enshrines locked Keith Windschuttle


Religious Freedom in an Age of Militant Secularism George Pell

Is the Diocese of Sydney Still Anglican? Michael Giffin


Cricket: Corinthian Spirit to Greek Tragedy George Thomas


Taking It Personally locked Jennifer Compton

Clubmen of Old Melbourne locked Michael Wilding


Long Lunches with Dick Hall locked Karin Petersen-Schaefer


Restoring The Big Sleep locked Neil McDonald


Rupert Bombs in Melbourne locked Michael Connor


The Greatness of Arthur Phillip James Spigelman

The Infamous Omissions from Australian History Claudio Veliz


Voting, Kerry Packer, Security Brian Doak, Michael O’Connor, Trevor Kennedy


No Closure in Afghanistan Harry Gelber


The Ravens Fed the Prophet locked Gary Furnell

Milt Jackson’s Mallet locked Morris Lurie

The Magician’s Shadow locked Ben Sharafski

First Person

In the New State of Israel locked Ron Taft

A Bumper to Her Majesty locked David Daintree


Gerald Ford at Rancho Mirage locked Philip Ayres

The Case for Direct Democracy Hal G.P. Colebatch

A Contender for Australia's Worst Law Alan Oxley

The Case for Direct Democracy: I John Ruddick


The Free Market—Efficient, Amoral, and Ready to Go Peter Smith

The Looming Disaster from Deficit Spending Alan Moran

Philosophy & Ideas

The Pragmatic Realism of Niccolò Machiavelli locked David Askew

Anthropogenic Global Din locked Iain Bamforth

Simone Weil and the Pursuit of Authenticity locked David Pollard

Erich Fromm and the Age of Anxiety Mervyn F. Bendle


Visions of Ceremony: An Interview with Richard Connolly locked R.J. Stove

Peter Ryan

Looking Squarely at “Gay Marriage” locked Peter Ryan

The Cold War

Mac Ball and Anti-Anti-Communism locked Patrick Morgan

Reassessing the Iron Curtain -- 1 Daryl McCann

Reassessing the Iron Curtain II Peter Coleman


Hal Colebatch: Inside an Outsider Tony Thomas

World War Two

The unions' war on Australia Hal G.P. Colebatch

John Foley

The Canberra Air Disaster locked John Foley


School pick-up, winter locked David Lumsden

Visits with My Wicked Charmer Dad locked Lin van Hek

Two poems locked Alan Gould

On Hearing 'Sail Along Silvery Moon' locked Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Door locked Ken Stone

In Two Minds locked Suzanne Edgar

Red Velvet Cabbages locked Jenny Blackford

Blues locked Andrew Lansdown

Ash locked Andrew Lansdown

A House in the Var locked Iain Bamforth

Down and Out locked John Whitworth

Two poems locked Jenny Blackford

Three Poems locked Ross Donlon

Stravinsky on Original Instruments locked David Lumsden

My Father is Not Dead locked Jamie Grant

Raising an Only Child locked Les Murray

Three poems locked Suzanne Edgar

Driving in the Nineties locked Jamie Grant

I Can Call Spirits locked John Whitworth

Two poems locked Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Incineration locked Suzanne Edgar