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Whining louder than a jet fighter

zeg plane smallAustralians are off to the Middle East once more, about to replay in miniature the post 9/11 bid to bring democracy to a part of the world where the definition of an enlightened leader is the man who considerately sharpens his knife before cutting your throat.

Closer to home, as Zeg observes, we have our very own flying corps of entirely predictable pains.

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That tardy infidel, Captain Cook

tazneemIn case you missed it, Q&A guest Tasneem Chopra last week tossed off the blithe assertion that her co-religionists were the first people, other than Aborigines, to put down roots in Australia:

"...the Muslim community is ... being referred to as 'the migrants'. Now, the Muslim community has been here. We know its origins predate that of Cook."

The comment was allowed to pass unremarked, with not even a whisper of dissent that visits by Indonesian fishermen to the far North -- surely what Chopra was thinking -- are not to be considered in the same breath as a state-financed expedition charged in part with finding unknown lands for study and settlement.

Perhaps, if Q&A were to abandon the usual 4-to-1 stack in favour of Central Casting's weekly retinue of left-leaning luvvies, glib howlers like Ms Chopra's might inspire demurral, debate and a rather more interesting show. At least she wasn't singing the praises of David Hicks.

But that wouldn't be the ABC, would it? Their ABC, that is -- an ABC that remains largely untouched and still very much unreformed 12 months after Abbott & Co. assumed office.  


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An ABC-style 'debate'

microphoneJennifer Marohasy, the woman whose delving into the way our Bureau of Meteorology "homogenises" temperature records, turning cooling into warming in the process, was invited to discuss her research on the local ABC station in Rutherglen, Victoria. As this town is one of her chief case studies in temperature manipulation, one can easily imagine that local listeners would have found the interview particularly interesting.

And no doubt they did -- but only for the few seconds that the ABC allowed Marohasy's voice to be heard.

When her phone connection was cut off without warning, Marohasy assumed it was a technical glitch and waited for an ABC producer to call her back ... and waited ... and waited. Eventually she dialled the studio herself and learned that John Cook, one of the national broadcaster's forever-on-call, motor-mouth warmist quote factories, had taken her place unopposed at the microphone.

Follow the link below for Marohasy's account of the ABC's latest partisan disgrace.

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Can't have that at The Guardian!

rotherhamThe Guardian, that pillar of progressive thought, takes a dim view of those who deviate from luvvie-ness, so it was a surprise to find that it had published a reader's explanation for authorities' willingness to tolerate an epidemic of rapes by 'Asian' men in the English town of Rotherham.

"This is the climate under which the Rotherham social services probably worked. Decent staff in fear of their jobs, and PC staff protecting their PC credentials. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more precious to the politically correct than their PC credentials. They will turn a blind eye to abuse, rape even... it took a murder for them to reluctantly stir themselves into some sort of action.

By showering all and sundry with ridiculous accusations of racism, bigotry and (ludicrously) 'islamophobia' , the 'elite' (=comfortable leafy suburb-dwelling condescending self-righteous pompous pillocks) have created a climate in which it was easy for these thugs to commit their crimes."

The comment -- and the above is but a sample -- was soon flushed by a vigilant editor down the Guardian's memory hole, but not before the it had been copied and posted elsewhere. Follow this link or the one below to read the comment in full.


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The green imperative

pickpocketAlan Moran on the first principle of alternate energy:

"Whenever a businessman, and in many cases an environmentalist, recommends the on-going subsidy for renewables it almost always means someone with a vested interest in forcing consumers or taxpayers to pay for something that is not in their interest..."

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Commissioner Wrong

triggsPresident of the Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs, who had precious little to say about Christmas Island when the Labor government that appointed her was in office, is now finding much cause for offence on that isolated rock. Unluckily for her, she hit the outrage button when Scott Morrison was in the same room

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The Howard Era

Edited by Keith Windschuttle, David Martin Jones and Ray Evans

Essays by Tony Abbott, James Allan, Chris Berg, Ian Callinan, Sinclair Davidson and more.

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