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A bookshop to avoid

milo book blurb

Own a business and you should be entitled to conduct it as you see fit, even if you are a publisher and the decision is to forego distributing an assured best-seller. Not that there is anything unusual about that -- Good Heavens, not at all! -- swears US publisher Simon & Schuster's local office by way of shrugging off the suspicion that its refusal to stock Milo Yiannopoulos' upcoming book has anything to do with its contents. That's how you become a giant of international publishing, by not touching a book that became an Amazon.com #1 on the strength of pre-orders alone.

Mosman bookseller Jon Page is more candid:

"While I am a passionate believer in free speech and would never ban a book, views such as Milo Yiannopoulos' should not be allowed to take root in our society.

"Customers are welcome to special order his book in but we will not be stocking the book or helping to promote the book in anyway."

Mr Page also operates online bookseller Boomerang Books, where he will happily sell you another book by a writer whose views are good deal more extreme than those of a gay libertarian and caustically passionate advocate of free speech.

boomerang books mein kampf

Quadrant readers, including those who reside on the North Shore, tend to be bookish sorts. Given Mr Page's decision not to carry a title of which he personally disapproves, the link below might prove useful for those seeking alternate booksellers in their area.

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Return to sender

zeg fence smallThere has been much criticism of late in regard to the $5 million-plus salary pocketed by Australia Post's Ahmed Fahour, with critics noting that he is paid ten times more than our Prime Minister. That gripe is most unfair. Fahour's minions actually manage, most of the time, to deliver things of worth and value. As Zeg observes, the same cannot be said of Malcolm Turnbull.

Follow the link below for Zeg's Take.

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Secret tree business

tree birthThe Age reports on efforts to rescue a particular tree (above) from road-widening efforts on a highway to the west of Melbourne:

A claimed rare Aboriginal birthing tree is at the heart of a last-ditch heritage application to save it from being destroyed this year to widen a rural highway...

...It was identified this month by members of Victoria's Indigenous community as a living example of a sacred birthing tree.

Three women have since submitted an application with Aboriginal Victoria to have the tree protected under heritage laws, in a last-ditch bid to stop it being cut down.

"Identified", eh? And how was this identification validated? The Age once more (emphasis added):

"Indigenous woman Carmel Thannhauser saw the tree for the first time  this month, and was one of the three women who later lodged an application with the Ballarat office of the Aboriginal Heritage Register.

Ms Thannhauser said it was clear that the hollow had been crafted by human hands.

"I have no expertise, apart from feeling and understanding, however I just know that this tree is a birthing tree," she said.

Ms Thannhauser's is a remarkable story, as the catalyst for her activism, and presumably her clairvoyance, was a bolt of lightning that 30 years ago zapped through the window of her mud-brick home and laid the poor woman out cold. When she returned, as she puts it, from "an out-of-body experience", her life's mission had been made suddenly clear.

“When I came back I said to [husband] Paul, ‘We’re going to really make a difference’.”

In this age of neo-Rousseauian mysticism it can't compare with Ms Thannhauser's "feeling and understanding", but a 2013 survey conducted as part of a cultural-heritage management plan and compiled at the request of  the Djab Wurrung traditional owners found the tree was, well, just a tree, nothing special about it whatsoever.

Whether that verdict stands now that Aboriginal Victoria is involved remains to be seen, but if the means and methods the state government agency has used to endorse newly drawn "traditional" boundaries are any indication, there will be enough grants and secret bureaucrat business to keep those imbued with Indigenous "feeling and understanding" very busy and much-quoted for years to come. According to Aboriginal Victoria, this how one goes about re-defining a foggy heritage:

'Just as our ancestors had done, we met, we talked, we stepped back in time to walk the boundary. We followed the old ridgelines, we walked across the landscape, we looked through our ancestors' eyes and agreed on our Countries. We followed the old ways and used modern tools to record our boundary.’

An account of that border-defining bushwalk appears at Aboriginal Victoria's website beneath the heading "Grants, Funding and Training". It can be read in full via the link below.

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The Breakup of Australia: the Real Agenda Behind Aboriginal Recognition

Australian voters are not being told the truth about the proposal for constitutional recognition of indigenous people. The goal of Aboriginal political activists today is to gain ‘sovereignty’ and create a black state, equivalent to the existing states. Its territory, com­prising all land defined as native title, will soon amount to more than 60 per cent of the whole Australian continent. Constitutional recognition, if passed, would be its ‘launching pad’. Recognition will not make our nation com­plete; it will divide us permanently.

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