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Paging Mr Manson...


The latest numbers are hard to find, but it seems Australia is a very generous supporter of the World Health Organisation, having tossed some $65.8 million into the world body's pot in 2011 alone. Now that WHO has decided Zimbabwe's nonagenarian butcher and despot Robert Mugabe is just the sort of chap to represent the body as its warm-and-fuzzy ambassador, might it not be a good idea to stow the chequebook and walk away?

WHO, of course, could have found a better spokesman and is reportedly considering telling Mugabe his services aren't wanted after all, which would mean a replacement candidate is needed.

Well, Charlie Manson is doing nothing particularly demanding at the moment and, while he has few virtues to recommend his candidacy, he has most definitely killed far fewer people than Mugabe.

Quadrant's Tony Thomas has some thoughts on Mugabe and his fellow Third World kleptocrats. Follow the link below

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5G vs NBN

nbn snail

In its just-released report on the 5G mobile network, scheduled to launch in 2020, Deloitte Access Economics observes (emphasis added):

...5G networks are also expected to improve speeds. They are expected to reach speeds of up to 10 Gbps, providing a more seamless user experience. This is over 100 times the advertised data rates for 4G networks in Australia of between 2-100Mbps, and maximum speeds could be similar to those provided by fixed-line broadband networks....

So, $60 billion later, is it worth persisting with the NBN? The NBN insists it is, but then they would say that.

The Deloitte report can be downloaded via the link below.

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