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Feminist avenger

feminist avenger

What would Fairfax star columnist and feminist gargoyle Clementine Ford do with annoying men?

"And the ones who kept making a rowdy fuss about it or getting on our nerves? Well, we'd just kill them."

This was published on the website of a prominent Australian publisher.




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Always on the job

zeg rates small

Like all politicians, Bill Shorten’s talents for baby-kissing, hand-shaking, speech-giving and truth-tickling are on tap 24/7. If he graces, say, a Young Labor conference on the weekend, the Opposition Leader’s reward is not financial but the hands-on satisfaction to be drawn from encouraging the upcoming generation to fully appreciate the leader’s various positions and their party’s doctrinal subtleties. Unless he has struck a private deal with the parliamentary paymaster, no additional income accrues to these extra-curricula activities. Those odd hours, they are part of the job and investments in his career and future.

Somehow, as Zeg notes, the notion that youngsters might do weekend work for the same sort of reasons — getting ahead, padding CVs, building a reputation — strikes him as appalling.

Go figure, as they say.

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Follow the money...

dollars rain

The spirit is upon Dr Roy Spencer, who knows a thing or two about weather and climate -- and has even better grasp of incurious journalism, public funding and researchers' nest-feathering:

"In what universe do the climate models built to guide energy policy [not get adjusted]  to reflect reality when they over-forecast past warming by a factor of 2 or 3?

And where people have to lie about severe weather getting worse (it hasn’t)? Or where we have totally forgotten that more CO2 is actually good for life on Earth, leading to increased agricultural productivity, and global greening?

It’s the universe where political power and the desire to redistribute wealth have taken control of the public discourse. It’s a global society where people believe we can replace fossil fuels with unicorn farts and antigravity-based energy.

Feelings now trump facts.

At least engineers have to prove their ideas work. The widgets and cell phones and cars and jets and bridges they build either work or they don’t.

In climate science, whichever side is favored by politicians and journalism graduates is the side that wins.

And what about those 97% of scientists who agree? Well, what they all agree on is that if their government climate funding goes away, their careers will end."

Spencer's excoriation of the warmist establishment can be read in full via the link below. And if you have a spare few minutes, do follow the links above. No further proof of journalism and science's mutual debasement will be needed.

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Inaccurate. Always.


A source of immense delight to any columnist not in command of his facts must surely be the privilege of working for an editor who neglects to keep a weather eye on his writers' flights of fancy. We can assume, therefore, that the Sydney Morning Herald's Richard Glover filed this week's contribution in a state of near ecstasy. Here is how he begins his celebration of Australia Day:

"Mark Twain said Australian history was full of 'the most beautiful lies' – but it's nothing compared to the lies we tell each other every day. Almost all the stereotypes about Australia – the things we actively promote and believe to be true – are the antithesis of what really goes on."

Twain neither said nor wrote anything of the kind. Indeed, in his The Wayward Tourist, he said the exact opposite:

Australia's past "does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies; and all of a fresh new sort, no mouldy old stale ones. It is full of surprises and adventures, and incongruities, and contradictions, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened."

One day, just maybe, SMH editor Darren Goodsir will get around to reading page proofs before sending his publication to press. It might just save his masthead from embarrassment -- allowing, of course, that the SMH still understands the meaning of that word, a dubious proposition.

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Just perfect for Their ABC

david hicksHe doesn't seem too bright, true, but that hasn't stopped David Hicks putting his name to a biography, revelling in a standing ovation at the Sydney Writers' Festival, scoring a nomination for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award and being feted by people who, even if they knew better, would still be singing the praises of the former jihadi for fear of being out of step with the chardy-swilling latte-soakers at the adjoining and fashionable inner-city table.

Now, according to his lawyer, the US is about to rescind Hicks' conviction for aiding terrorism and terrorists.

So, with slate wiped clean and nothing on the docket to embarrass potential employers, the sixth-grade dropout may soon be available for gainful employment. And just coincidentally, Radio National has a vacancy to fill, now that Waleed Aly has decamped to Channel 10.

It's a match made in heaven, minus only the 72 virgins. And if Hicks' on-the-record delight at rubbing shoulders with Osama bin Laden and shooting at infidel Indians is not enough to recommend him to the national broadcaster, he could always get a few bonus points with ABC job interviewers by offering to marry any unattached female staffers, the nuptial couch being a time-honoured route to landing a nice taxpayer-funded gig.

Indeed, Hicks could marry four of themsimultaneously, an amorous efficiency that might also restrict those domestic carbon emissions which so worry ABC types.

So what about it, Mark Scott? Here's your chance to play programmer and matchmaker in the same breath.

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Mathematics, BoM-style

2+2Jen Marohasy helps Environment Minister Bob Baldwin settle into his new post with some sound advice on the Bureau of Meteorology, its peculiar habit of tickling temperature records and the remarkable result: every year, without fail, is allegedly warmer than all the scorchers that went before:

1. Use the same locations when calculating the average mean temperature for different years.  Adding hot stations later, generates its own artificial warming bias.

2. Start the official record from 1880, not 1910, thus including the hot years of the Federation drought (1895-1903).   To suggest this is impossible because there were no Stevenson screens before 1910 is inconsistent with the historical record, which shows there were even Stevenson screens installed a locations in Western Australia from 1880.

3.  Don’t homogenize individual temperature series, changing actual recorded temperatures, unless there was a documented equipment change or site move.  It is nonsense to change the magnitude and direction of temperature trends based on statistical discontinuities with locations in different climatic zones.   Indeed, this was the original justification for changing an overall cooling trend of 0.35 degree per century, to a warming trend of 1.73 degree per Century, at the Rutherglen Research Station in north east Victoria.

Marohasy's letter can be read in full via the link below.


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