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Coming soon on Q-&-effing-A

abc leans left smallWE all know how the ABC works, if that is the right word for an organisation whose premier talk show operates along such predictable lines that little thought or effort must be required to assemble each week's guests. An Egyptian gargoyle with a foul mouth and none too strong a hold on logic or consistency? Yep, book her!  After all, Mona Eltahawy says in public what the head-nodding ABC group-thinkers utter off-camera, so she gets a seat, a pulpit and not too many interruptions from compere Tony Jones.

Sometimes it is even easier than that. A scandalously inconsistent and ill-informed climate catastropharian turns up from Canada aboard a carbon-spewing jetliner to preach the gospel of global warming and capitalism-driven megadeath, so of course the producers can't resist giving him an entire show to himself. Hey, at at a subsequent Newtown dinner party some ABC employee would have been able to boast of shaking David Suzuki's sainted hand, perhaps even of helping him turn off the odd, token light switch, and isn't that what spending taxpayer dollars is all about?



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Quadrant in April

quadrant april cover squareThe latest Quadrant is now sale.

Over the next few weeks, Quadrant Online will release a series of articles and essays from behind the magazine's paywall.

But why wait when a paltry $10 on the the newsagent's counter buys Australia's bravest and most contentious opinions and reporting, not to mention poetry, short stories and memoirs?

Follow the link below for April's full contents.



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Their daze, Abbott's knights

dubIn bemoaning Tony Abbott's decision to restore Imperial honours, a stunned and baffled commentariat overlooked two things. First, the move was needed to rectify a long-standing anomaly. Second, and more important, very few Australians share the outrage that engulfed left-canted newsrooms and think tanks.

David Flint explains....


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A Sunday roasting...

god headstoneThe existence of God is a possibility that has seen chins wagged and brows furrowed for quite some centuries, with the latest wave of assaults on theism attracting a crew of particularly sneering and acerbic sloganeers. If the much-feted and showcased ABC guest Richard Dawkins springs immediately to mind, hold that mental image while reading California academic Dr Edward Feser's critique of "the New Atheists".

The depth of the New Atheist writers’ ignorance of the actual content of the philosophical and religious ideas they attack is matched only by the breathtaking condescension and nastiness with which they attack them. Dawkins and Co. were asking for a little abuse.

If there is a Supreme Being, he must surely love fools above all other of His creations. Why else would He have made so many of them?

Follow the link below for the full text of Feser's critique.

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Fair is foul at Fairfax

the age logoYou don't get much for $2.30 these days -- half a cup of designer coffee, three cigarettes from a heavily taxed packet and, if you live in Melbourne, a single copy of any Monday-to-Friday edition of The Age. Of the three, The Age represents by far the worst value for money. After all, when you've smoked those fags or downed the java, you will be left with a collection of butts or an empty cardboard cup as a memento of a moment's passing pleasure.

But The Age? A bad taste is all that will linger.

Consider political correspondent Mark Kenny's laudatory account of Tony Abbott's swing through Japan and China. His appraisal -- a genuine surprise -- is that Australia's Prime Minister isn't the jug-eared moron Fairfax journalists (is that the right word for recent women's studies grads and fevered warmists?) have been relentlessly keen to depict.

Kenny's column was posted overnight and opened for reader feedback early this morning. The first three comments were pro-Abbott -- comments presumably written by people who did not invest in columnist Clementine Ford's "F**k Abbott" T-shirts, which Fairfax promoted after last September's election.

Pro-Abbott? In The Age? Can't have that! Good Heavens no!

Reader comments were immediately closed, quite possibly before there were complaints from later-arriving newsroom staffers who, having parked their bicycles and admired each other's Lycra'd loins, will settle behind keyboards to compile tomorrow's catalogue of crimes against humanity by the gay-hating, Aboriginal-stomping, planet-despoiling jackbooted fascists of the Coalition.

Now that you know what will be in Saturday's newspaper, no need to fork out more small change that might be better spent on cigarettes.

Tobacco will kill you, no doubt about it, but you will still live longer than the dying, declining and terminally demented Age.

Follow the link below to read Kenny's refreshingly straight-bat coverage of Abbott's travels.


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Labor's erstwhile followers

labor posterIn commenting on John Izzard's essay, The March of the Sillytonians, reader IainC observes:

"...Labor became infested with hard core fascists during the Cold War, but this fascist rump has largely left the ALP to form and vote for the Greens. Hence the steady drop in the ALP primary vote, leaving socially conservative working class and union members who share the same basic social and economic aims in life as Liberal voters (different emphases, naturally).

The March in Marchers are hard-core Green crypto-fascists who would find Bill Shorten dismayingly right wing and the views of the working class loathsome.

I don’t think Bill Shorten should be lumped with these bigots by any stretch...."

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