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Essential Reading

Can't have that at The Guardian!

rotherhamThe Guardian, that pillar of progressive thought, takes a dim view of those who deviate from luvvie-ness, so it was a surprise to find that it had published a reader's explanation for authorities' willingness to tolerate an epidemic of rapes by 'Asian' men in the English town of Rotherham.

"This is the climate under which the Rotherham social services probably worked. Decent staff in fear of their jobs, and PC staff protecting their PC credentials. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more precious to the politically correct than their PC credentials. They will turn a blind eye to abuse, rape even... it took a murder for them to reluctantly stir themselves into some sort of action.

By showering all and sundry with ridiculous accusations of racism, bigotry and (ludicrously) 'islamophobia' , the 'elite' (=comfortable leafy suburb-dwelling condescending self-righteous pompous pillocks) have created a climate in which it was easy for these thugs to commit their crimes."

The comment -- and the above is but a sample -- was soon flushed by a vigilant editor down the Guardian's memory hole, but not before the it had been copied and posted elsewhere. Follow this link or the one below to read the comment in full.


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The green imperative

pickpocketAlan Moran on the first principle of alternate energy:

"Whenever a businessman, and in many cases an environmentalist, recommends the on-going subsidy for renewables it almost always means someone with a vested interest in forcing consumers or taxpayers to pay for something that is not in their interest..."

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Commissioner Wrong

triggsPresident of the Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs, who had precious little to say about Christmas Island when the Labor government that appointed her was in office, is now finding much cause for offence on that isolated rock. Unluckily for her, she hit the outrage button when Scott Morrison was in the same room

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Pulped Fiction

nancy1In her latest Media Watch Dog, newsound Nancy reports:

"...in the process, the authors of He Who Must Be Obeid confused a certain Christopher Geoffrey Charles Brown (born 1947) with the well known Sydney political operative Christopher Brown (born circa 1966). The latter is the son of former Hawke government minister John Brown. Christopher Brown is active in the tourism industry and as an advocate of Western Sydney.

All McClymont had to do was to ask the high profile Christopher Brown whether he was, or ever had been, a business associate of Eddie Obeid. But it seems that she was too busy doing media interviews on political morality and lecturing journalist students on ethics to check the facts in her book...."

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The sceptics' show

censored"Bob Carter’s recent appearance on the BBC caused a predictable response from the climate movement," observes James Delingpole, "sceptics should not be allowed in print or broadcast media."

Hear the scourges of warmists and bad science by following the link below.

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Alternate reality

wind turbineJo Nova on the RET:

"We’ve been sold the idea that if we subsidize 'renewable' energy (which produces less CO2) we’d get a world with lower CO2 emissions. But it ain’t so. The fake 'free' market in renewables does not remotely achieve what it was advertised to do — the perverse incentives make the RET good for increasing 'renewables' but bad for reducing CO2, and, worse, the more wind power you have, the less CO2 you save. Coal fired electricity is so cheap that doing anything other than making it more efficient is a wildly expensive and inefficient way to reduce CO2. But the Greens hate coal more than they want to reduce carbon dioxide. The dilemma!"

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