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Too important to delay

quadrant bannerQuadrant gets ahead of itself, so to speak, having now published  four essays dealing with same-sex marriage that will appear in our October issue. We're normally reluctant to take  content from behind the paywall until well into the month, the thinking being that early online publication will erode sales of the magazine. As Quadrant no longer receives even the former pittance once awarded by the Australia Council, those sales are vital. Indeed, they are a matter of life and death. To release October content even before the issue has left the printer is extraordinary.

But so is the same sex-marriage debate, which has been extraordinarily one-sided.

'Yes' supporters have the mainstream media in their corner, most particularly the ABC. No surprise there, of course, but a one-sided debate is no debate at all -- especially when the national broadcaster has been so keen to stack its coverage against a 'No' vote that even Kath & Kim were presented as cogent advocates for changing the Marriage Act.

Yesterday, the thoughts of  Quadrant editor Keith Windschuttle and legal academic Greg Walsh appear to the left.

Today, and also from the October edition, two more essays from Shimon Cowen and Michael Kowalik have been released online.

If you value Quadrant and, more than that, its survival, follow the link below to take out a subscription.

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Ms Bogus

mattress gal

Cathy Young in Commentary:

In July, a case that had become a rallying cry for campus activism against sexual assault came to a conclusion of sorts—with a victory for the accused man. Columbia University settled a lawsuit brought by 2015 graduate Paul Nungesser. It stemmed from an accusation of rape hurled at Nungesser by fellow Columbia undergraduate Emma Sulkowicz (above), who famously carried a mattress around campus to protest the school’s alleged mishandling of her complaint....

As the "rape culture" scare washes across Australian campuses, it is worth reading Young's account of the case and her history of the mother of all false accusers. For that, follow the link below.

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The way these things work...

media terror response

Overnight in London, another terror attack -- this one, mercifully, foiled by an amateur bomb-builder's incompetence, as his homemade device burned rather than exploded. Still, it was a close call, with many of those who fled the crowded commuter train at Parsons Green station seared by the gout of fire. The luckier ones, those merely shaken by whatever fulminating formula the still-unidentified terrorist packed into a builder's plastic bucket, will now be able savour press accounts of their miraculous escapes without the inconvenience of silvadene ointment on scorched fingers and cheeks.

And that won't be all they read, as the media and the politicians it quotes crank up the familiar and inevitable machinery of rationalisation, minimalisation and, ultimately, dismissal. Pretty soon the world will be treated to the insights of those who specialise in excusing the intolerable. Try not to look at your refrigerator in too harsh a light over the days to come. Despite what you will hear, your kitchen Kelvinator isn't really a killer.

Click the image above to enlarge it and enjoy the prophecy. It is English blogger Edgar1981's appraisal of the narrative even now unfolding. While Edgar's timeline may well bring a smile, it is rather too close to the truth for comfort.

Ah, but comfort as once known is gone and been banished. If you deem that to be a rather too-sweeping statement, review your reaction should you happen to be standing in line outside a sports stadium this weekend, waiting to be wanded and bag-searched, before the bounce or kickoff that will begin more rounds of  the AFL and NRL finals. Yes, those who escaped the Parsons Green attack were lucky, but only in isolation. None of us is lucky to be living now with fear and consequent inconvenience while those who promote and perpetrate murderous outrage have their excuses made for them.

Follow the link below to Edgar1981's post, which includes a grimly humourous take on how the Blitz might today be reported by those with a talent for appeasement. It will strike a definite chord if you happen to represent a body of opinion that today would be condemned as the vile bigotry of Hitlerophobes.

-- roger franklin

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