Katherine Spadaro: Yachts in Winter, Rain in the City, Golden Syrup Pudding, I hope that God will help me, Mongolian Patchwork and Seagull

Yachts in Winter Perched on salt desert precarious pillars of stinging reflections   each white-wrapped stylite creaks, sighing and lurching through wind-whipping penance. Katherine Spadaro   Rain in the City Rain in the city washes, weeps, atones:   hard edges softened, screaming sounds muted; dark dust dissolved, dim fumes diluted.   Strangers huddling, sheltering, smiling;   stone, water, flesh: miracles melding. Katherine Spadaro   Golden Syrup Pudding Some things cannot be rushed.   Golden syrup cannot be ordered, cajoled, shoved out of a spoon. Thesepeoplewillbehereinanhourandthispuddingtakesthatlongtocook!   It starts a slow thread, twisting and beading. Clusters of amber majestically descend… Cansomeonetidyupinthereandcheckthebathroomandhaveyoustartedthebarbecue?…

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