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June 2010

Volume LIV, No 6

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Ashamed to Be Australian Patrick McCauley


"Logocentrism" in Feminist Kinship Studies locked Warren Shapiro


The God of Evolution locked Michael Giffin


The Green Torpedoes That Sank the National Fishing Fleet Walter Starck


Tiepolo at the Deutsches Eck locked Richard Lansdown


Hobbles and the Laws of Nature locked David Askew

A New Australian Constitution? locked Murray Mitchell

Guilty Fat Man locked David Barratt


While I Remember Robert Gray


Tom locked Libby Sommer


We're on the Proper Track locked Peter Ryan


Less than a Documentary? locked Neil McDonald

The Classic Interviews of John Freeman locked Douglas Hassall


Saving the Planet with Postmodernist History Mervyn F. Bendle

Why Should We Study History? locked Paul Monk

Who Was Bogong Jack? locked Patrick Morgan

Myth, Reality and Oskar Schindler Brett Jenik


The Misguided Advocates of Open Borders Frank Salter

First Person

Shadowplay, 1975 Michael Connor

On the Edge of a Typhoon in Hong Kong locked Anthony McAdam

Queues around the World locked Sophie Masson

Short Takes VIII locked Alan Gould


Monologue of a Jewish Peacenik Michael Galak

The Trumping Factor locked Peter Smith

The Secret World of Electoral Fraud locked Julia Patrick

The Myths of Militant Trade Unionism Rafe Champion


Religion and the Rise of Modern Science locked Peter Barclay

False Precision in Climate Predictions Jonathan Baldry

Letter to the Editor

Letters locked Paul Monk, Roger Nairn, Ray Evans, Bill James,Michael O'Connor, John Thomson


Ten-Year-Old Graeme Hetherington

One more upright Robyn Lance

G.K's Weekly John Whitworth

Changing Lives Victoria Field

Defining of Terms John Whitworth

Former Czech Communist Boss Graeme Hetherington

English Revolution Marc Marusic

A Letdown Iain Bamforth

astounded souls Jean Frances

Night Flying John Whitworth

Pulse Ron Pretty

The Will Jamie Grant

Dancing in Toledo Graeme Hetherington

The Reef of Natural Causes Iain Bamforth

Black and White Jamie Grant

It's whether you win or lose Robyn Lance

The Bluff Jamie Grant

A Haunting Victoria Field