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Your taxes at work

Worried about the government taking charge of your superannuation funds and forcing an irksome re-think of retirement plans?

How selfish!

Surely you realise the State’s obligation is to right wrongs, most recently the outrages inflicted on women and those of indeterminate gender — but not men, gay or otherwise — who have been denied leadership positions in the vibrant, ultra-creative, worth-every-penny-of-grants-and-subsidies Australian arts scene. accessiblearts proudly announces:

Congratulations to the fourteen participants who have been selected for Front & Centre 2023 – a career coaching and professional development program for women and non-binary people with disability working in the arts, creative and cultural sectors across NSW, the ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

This 10-month program aims to increase the representation of women and non-binary people with disability in leadership positions such as artistic directors, board members and senior positions in programming and management. Front and Centre is produced by NSW’s leading arts and disability organisation, Accessible Arts, with support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women and with Victorian participants supported by Arts Access Victoria. The program is led by accredited specialist arts and creative leadership coach, Judith Bowtell of Albany Lane Consulting…..

You can explore the successful applicants’ oeuvres here.

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