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With days to go…

At The Conservative Woman, Kathy Gyngell writes of Nigel Farage’s Reform UK appearing poised to claim at least 18 seats, as of the most recent polls, with the surge in support that number reflects appearing to gain momentum mere days from the election:

The key point is that Farage is much the most powerful figure in this election, as his rally speeches over the last weeks have underlined. All the other (wet) and identity obsessed politicos simply pale into insignificance beside him. What’s more he’s stated categorically that he has come back to lead. How long since we heard that word ‘lead’? He talks like a leader and, with immaculate shirt, tie and jacket every time, showing that respect to his audience, looks like a leader too. It’s what terrifies the wet and woke creatures of contrived focus groups that is the present day political establishment.

Like Donald Trump, Farage knows what works when it comes to electioneering. Doing what the best politicians have always done, he’s got out on the stump, making the speeches and dropping the truth bombs that Brits have been waiting so long to hear.

Gyngell’s essay can be read in full here.

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