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What’s the exit strategy?

At Spiked, Norman Lewis raises what is undoubtedly the most pertinent question, so far unaddressed: when the lockdowns end and the Wuhan virus manifests itself once more in a population still lacking herd immunity, what then?

As the Covid-19 crisis has progressed, one thing stands out above all else: experts, not politicians, are leading the fightback. This is a real problem. Not because expertise is unimportant or that science is not fundamental to defeating Covid-19 – far from it. But right now, politicians are on tap, rather than on top. And this demonstrates a political dislocation of Biblical proportions. It demonstrates that political cowardice, rather than leadership and judgement, lies at the heart of the government’s battle against Covid-19. And we are going to pay a heavy price for this in the years ahead….

…In locked-down countries, the threat remains that we have merely delayed the inevitable spread and that sheltering populations rather than slowly cultivating herd immunity will lead to rapidly rising infection rates once these countries reopen.

And then we will be back to square one, but severely weakened by economic collapse this time.

When you’re riding a tiger, the hardest part is dismounting.

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