Victoria’s Libs, missing in action


Crime has been much in the news in Victoria of late, with tourists bashed to pulp outside the Australian Open, near-nightly home invasions and, only yesterday, a robbery executed with military precision that saw a Northcote gun shop pillaged and the booty bound for the waistbands of the Criminal-Australian community. The Labor government’s response? To signal yet more regulation of legal businesses.

It is an eruption of lawlessness one might imagine would see the state opposition’s shadow minister for police matters ever ready to be contacted and provide comment. Not in Victoria, however, where Liberal spokesman on law and order, Edward O’Donohue (above), can’t keep his phone in working order. Repeated calls to his office elicited only the recorded response that the phone wasn’t working and might have been turned off.

A call to the Liberal Party in hope of tracking down Mr O’Donohue elicited the observation from the office boy, who did answer the phone, that the party was doing just fine and had issued any number of dandy press releases.

Just fine, eh? Click the image below to see the latest Essential poll numbers. As the footnote observes, while Victoria’s Liberals inched ahead of Labor in December the numbers are very similar to the 2014 election.

essential poll vic

Need it be noted that Victoria’s alleged conservatives lost that 2014 election after a single, pointless, wasted term in office?

With a crime wave in the headlines, gender studies ideologues in the classroom, blackouts here, there and everywhere, and taxpayers sustaining an organisation one of whose executives members wants to see Australia “burn to the ground”, it’s a target-rich environment – or should be.

Yet Victoria’s Liberals can’t even turn on their phones. No wonder Premier Dan Andrews doesn’t look anywhere near so worried as he should be.

Readers who wish to pass along details of any recent mayhem or general lawlessness they have witnessed can follow the link below to get Mr O’Donohue’s contact details.

He might have turned his phone on by then.

— roger franklin

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