Of two minds at the SMH

crazy authorThe lead paragraph of today’s Sydney Morning Herald editorial:

“Taxpayer-subsidised childcare will be cheaper, easier to find and more flexible for those who need it most if proposals from the Productivity Commission are implemented.”

Clear on that? You won’t be after wading a few column inches deeper into the leader writer’s chaotic prose:

“Granted, parents of babies in care are likely to face higher fees and high-income earners will be out of pocket thanks to a means-tested single payment called the Early Care and Learning Subsidy. Some may even lose their fringe benefits tax breaks for childcare.

Then there’s an activity test that stops payments to most stay-at-home parents. That will slug certain religious groups and people without stable employment or access to skills programs. In addition, a tough-love requirement will link family benefit part A to preschool attendance.”

Come on, Ms Rinehart, no more shilly-shallying. Dig out some loose change from the crack in the sofa, buy Fairfax outright and a save a venerable publisher from the embarrassment of its current stewards.

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