Trust ‘the science’ always

parkesBack in January, astronomers were agog at some stunning news from Australia, where a team of Swinburne University boffins was reporting mysterious, short-burst signals emanating from, well, just where was anyone’s guess. The New Scientist, a journal that ceaselessly promotes warmists and warmism, reported “their source is a mystery, but whatever causes them must be huge, cataclysmic and up to 5.5 billion light years away“.

The Sydney Morning Herald, a publication which will not publish climate sceptics’ criticism of the settled science as a matter of policy,  was also excited. “Australian scientists first to catch mysterious alien radio signals“, its headline reported.

Swinburne’s Professor Matthew Bailes, a warmist who has lamented at length the scepticism directed at climate scientists’ many prophecies of imminent doom, made finding the signals’ source one of his top priorities. As his staff biography states, “his main scientific interests concern the discovery and high precision timing of millisecond radio pulsars and the discovery of extragalactic fast radio bursts (FRBs)”. Warming to his theme, Bailes assured The Conversation’s readers that there is “no difference between how science works in astronomy and climate change – or any other scientific discipline for that matter.”

He may never have uttered a truer word, as the source of those signals “from at least 5.5 billion light years away” has finally been identified.

As the ABC reports via the link below, they were all coming from an over-active microwave oven in the Parkes Telescope’s lunchroom.


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