lion and lamb

Isaiah 11:6: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.


Yea, we must surely be at the End of Days, when improbable amities and alliances will blossom hither and yon, as they have been doing these past two months in Washington. Consider the portents:

  • After decades of making excuses for Moscow, the Western left now presents the Kremlin as the greatest threat to all mankind.
  • After decades of denouncing the imperialist machinations of the CIA, the spy agency is now the go-to source of geopolitical wisdom and must be trusted absolutely by all intelligent people everywhere.

The new creed certainly boasts some ardent converts, the Silly Morning Herald‘s Paul McGeough prominent among the loudest voices in our local choir.

…in ascribing motives, the agencies conclude that Putin held a grudge against Clinton who, he believed, had denigrated him when, as US secretary of state, she had encouraged pro-democracy protests in Moscow in 2011. He also believed that the US was responsible for the leaking of the so-called Panama Papers, which had embarrassed Putin associates; and for revelations on Russian Olympians’ abuse of performance-enhancing drugs.

Others, however, are far less inclined to believe that January 20, Inauguration Day in Washington, will see confirmation that the Antichrist comes with orange hair and a vulgar turn of phrase, the New York Review of BooksMasha Gessen being both one of the most articulate and scathing in her dismissal of the cobbled-together intelligence “dossier” we keep hearing about. She concludes (emphasis added):

…the intelligence report … risks perpetuating the fallacy that Trump is some sort of a foreign agent rather than a home-grown demagogue, while doing further damage to our faith in the electoral system. It also suggests that the US intelligence agencies’ Russia expertise is weak and throws into question their ability to process and present information

The entire essay can be read via the link below. Don’t expect McGeough or the ABC’s US-based re-write artists to pay it any heed whatsoever.

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