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Liberal up-and-comers

According to the punditocracy, the Liberals are doing very badly because, as Kelly O’Dwyer puts it, her party is chocka with “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers“.  The obvious solution is to recruit and preselect more people like, well, Kelly O’Dwyer, even though a Turnbullian perspective hasn’t been doing her chances of re-election much good. According to the latest quick-and-dirty ReachTel poll she’ll fall six points short of retaining her job come election day.

Still, if only for argument’s sake, let us proceed on the theory that Ms O’Dwyer’s dismal prospects  are a consequence of being associated in the public mind with testosterone-poisoned planet-rapers who favour blue ties, rather than her conspicuously unbroken record of disastrously inept press interviews. 

So who to recruit if the Liberal Party is to gain the affection of Ms O’Dwyer’s target audience? What about the young lady in the Twitter clip above? More articulate than Ms O’Dwyer, she makes the case that Australian kiddies need to skip school tomorrow (November 30) to combat climate change. Apparently, as Tony Thomas recently noted, the ideological brainwashing that passes for modern education has reached the point where an extra day’s tuition is unneeded.

So that’s the seat of Higgins sorted. But what of other former Liberal strongholds? Easily filled, as there is no shortage of young women — remember, it is XX chromosomes that count, not grey matter — standing ready to replace the likes of Craig Kelly, another of those XY beasts who annoyingly persist in pointing out that global temperatures have flat-lined for 20 years and that green measures of the sort Ms O’Dwyer advocates have saddled Australians with the world’s highest power prices.

To guide the new Liberal Party in the ways of correct thinking, The Age today gives a slice of its opinion page to a young lady, Veronica Hester, who would get on famously with Ms O’Dwyer. Also urging Australia’s kiddies to take their expertise in climatology to the streets, she writes:

If he [the PM] and our politicians listened to the climate science we have been taught, and took action like those of us in school, we wouldn’t have to resort to strike action.

The “we have been taught” bit is fascinating, and quick trip to the website of the primary school young Ms Hester attended might explain a few things. According to the principal of a few years ago, as recorded in a newsletter to parents,

The language commonly used in instant messaging has no effect on children’s spelling abilities. If anything, using language variations commonly used in instant messaging and texting is actually a good sign!

If poor spelling is “a good sign”, as vouched by a principal no less, we can perhaps understand why bad and twisted science is held in even higher classroom regard.

Yet somehow, amid all the catastrophian chatter from Ms O’Dwyer and her little friends, it might just be that the obligation to genuflect before the Paris climate accord is far from the most relevant message coming out of France. At Spiked, Ben Pile writes:

For a glimpse of what the political reality has in store for green ambitions, take a peek at the protests on the other side of the channel. While last weekend’s Extinction Rebellion protests reportedly attracted 2,000 greens in London, the gilet jaunes movement, sparked by rising fuel taxes, has brought hundreds of thousands of people on to streets and motorways across the whole of France. Despite the inconvenience caused by the blockades and go-slows, the protests enjoy the support of around 70 per cent of the French public, reflecting the high level of opposition to President Macron’s green taxes.

A canny party might take note of the gilet jaunes and position itself to capitalise on the blackouts likely this summer. But not the Member for Higgins, who is much more at home urging the shapers of energy policy to heed the tearful cries of the crayons-and-butcher-paper set.

Worth noting is that Ms O’Dwyer represents Peter Costello’s formerly blue-ribbon seat of Higgins, which says rather a lot, none of it good, about what the alleged party of conservatism has done to itself.

— roger franklin


  • padraic

    Like most people I was appalled at the sight of brainwashed schoolkids taking time off school to demonstrate about the various causes du jour, but then I realised the things they were placarding were the sort of things that would appeal to the unformed minds of juvenile school children and not mature adults – so perhaps it was appropriate??

  • padraic

    Using children for political purposes used to be associated with the Left, but I was surprised to find that those dreadful ads (now pulled) about domestic violence – showing how a little boy running down a school corridor and bumping accidentally into a little girl transformed him into toxic wife beater in his later years – was a product of Ms O’Dwyer’s department. Talk about toxic feminism. Pathetic.

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