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The big nothingburger

Mark Steyn on the conclusion of the so-called Russiagate investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

….notwithstanding Mueller closing up shop, the most disturbing questions remain: Forget the Russian trolls and Macedonian content farmers; this is a story not of foreign subversion of the election, but of domestic subversion of the election, by powerful figures able to reach out and entrap its marks at Cambridge conferences and London wine bars.

In old-school banana republics, the coup happens quickly: “The rebels have seized control of the radio station,” as the BBC’s Africa bureaus used to announce every fortnight through the Sixties, and next thing you know this week’s president-for-life is being carried out by the handles. But in America everything’s more protracted and expensive. That, however, should not blind us to what happened: a cabal of Deep State bigwigs reverse-engineered a foreign cover for their own interference in self-government by the people.

Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime, boasted Beria. America’s Berias aren’t quite that good yet, but they’re getting there…

Steyn’s thoughts can be read in full via this link.

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