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The Allah Party

The UK Telegraph‘s Jake Wallace Simons provides a lengthy and incisive analysis of the role Muslim voters played not only in aiding the Conservatives’ ouster but also of Labour members deemed insufficiently devoted to Hamas. He writes:

The problem, therefore, is not immigration itself. It is not ethnic or religious minorities. It is scale. It is the saturation of society’s capacity to absorb newcomers into the dominant culture. The Enlightenment gave us the separation of church and state and the freedom to pursue our lives as private individuals.

It also lifted any ethnic component of cultural belonging. This made our society predisposed to welcoming people from abroad; but this can only be a success when the scale allows newcomers to adapt to our foundational culture of freedom, tolerance and neighbourliness, law-abidingness and open contracts. When this is overwhelmed, all freedoms are lost.
The rise of political sectarianism, as exemplified most damningly by The Muslim Vote this week, is a red flag showing where we have been going wrong. For a subset of British citizens to set aside all domestic concerns in favour of a foreign war 3,000 miles distant, and to organise behind it along ethnic lines, is a profound indictment of our fraying social cohesion.

 The article can be read in full here.

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